New Favorites

Happy New Year... 2008, here I come! I am looking forward to the new year, this year has been a tricky one. I just wanted to share a couple of new favorites that I have. Most of them came from my stocking that Santa left. He's such a great guy, that Santa Claus.

First, Colbie Caillat's CD 'Coco' is amazing. It's such a great CD and I love every song on there, and I love not having to skip around to find the songs that I like or want to listen to. I also love the fact that she writes her own music. Oh, and her hair is amazing, and is a constant reminder to me to keep growing my hair out.

Also, the perfume Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren smells really yummy, and I wish you all could smell me through the computer, it really smells good. Is that a creepy thing to say?! And the bottle is really colorful and cute, so it looks nice on my bathroom counter. I know, I am pathetic.

I also got a chance to watch 'The Holiday' and I absolutely loved it! I am usually not very good about sitting still for movies, I get too antsy, but this one was so sweet, I loved it! I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch something sweet and fun. Oh, and I cried, but I cry at just about everything!

Anyway, just wanted to share a few things with my dearest friends and family before I get ready to go to the Bunco New Years party at my mom-in-laws. (I am an old soul, I am fully aware of that, thanks.) I wanted to let everyone know that we haven't heard from Yahoo! yet about Trask's /interview... but we are keeping our fingers crossed (mine are getting all cramped up and gnarly looking). The background checking company has gotten in contact with with Trask to confirm some information, so that is a good sign, at least they want to check into his background!! So we are really hoping that Yahoo! is the place that Trask is supposed to be, and if not, that something else works itself out soon.

Oh, and I have a new hobby. I am having a lot of fun making greeting cards and stationery, it's been a learning process, but I am really excited about it. I am going to try and sell some of what I have been making once I have a little more experience, and when someone expresses an interest! :)


Taylor's White Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our loved ones! We hope that the holiday season has treated everyone well. Taylor had a very busy couple of days, and is recovering with a long nap now as I type.

We spent Christmas Eve in Cascade Locks with my wonderful side of the family, spending the evening at Jenn and Ryan's cute home. (Aunt Michelle - we missed you so much and love you dearly, glad you are feeling better). It was a blast and very exciting for many reasons. We had an ugly sweater contest, lots of food and drinks, presents and Taylor's Great Grandma caught on fire. (Hi Gram - we're happy you're safe!).

Christmas day was spent with Trask's side of the family and we had an amazing day, starting with a huge breakfast together. While we were eating, we noticed that it was starting to snow - a white Christmas! As we opened gifts (McKenna and Taylor made a killing) the snow kept on falling, and sticking. Taylor got a pair of snow bibs and jacket from Nana and Pampa, so he got to put them to use right away, and boy was he HAPPY!! I have said it before, but this kid loves to be outside, and the snow is no exception. He loved me throwing snowballs at him, the harder I threw the snowball, the funnier he thought it was. What a good sport! He didn't want to eat the snow though - that is the first time EVER that he doesn't want to put something in his mouth! He also loved playing with Nana and Pampa's puppy, Toby... who kept him very busy. He loves that pup to pieces. We had about 2-1/2 inches of snow fall and it was so awesome that Taylor had a white Christmas.

Thank you all for making our holiday brighter! This was such a wonderful Christmas, and we are looking forward to what 2008 will bring!


Happy Holidays!

I want to take a second or two and wish my dearest family and friends a very happy and safe holiday! Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones. Take time during this busy season and remember what it is all about. I am sending all of my loved ones lots of hugs and kisses! Merry Christmas!

More Random Facts

More things that I enjoy... Kauai. I absolutely love it there, and have been there 3 times - never for long enough. I love it so much that Trask and I got married there. I can't wait to take Taylor. I love listening to Christmas songs, and I remember the holiday programs we would put on in elementary school, and I can't wait to go to Taylor's when he is in preschool. I am sure he'll be an enthusiastic singer. I like waking up early. I almost always fall asleep reading if I try to read right before bed. I really like watching The Office. I also wish I could be best friends with the character Barbara Jean from the show Reba - she cracks me up and she's just the best! I could spend hours and hours at bookstores, especially Powell's. I love the smell of citrus fruits. I also love the smell of coconut. When I was pregnant the smell of coffee made me want to hurl, as well as the smell of popcorn. I swear that smell got stuck in my throat, like I ate it or something, and it would stay there for days, along with my acid reflux - basically I only felt good during my 2nd trimester. I don't know what's 'cool' anymore, at all, and I am fine with that. I use reusable grocery bags. I really wish I knew how to sing, because I am pretty good remembering the lyrics to songs. I also wish I could play the guitar or piano. I can never decide whether I like my hair lighter or darker, shorter or longer. I am the perfect candidate for hair extensions. I love my Subaru but wish that there was more room in it for Taylor and his long legs. Speaking of legs, I wish mine were longer. Jeans are never the right length - the 'short' is too short and the 'regular' is too long. I am really picky about the back pockets on jeans. I love shoes and feel like I can always justify more. I like going to the dog park, but it always makes me want a different dog than the one I took to the park, our dog, Maddie. I tried sand boarding in Florence with Trask and loved it, and want to try it again. I love the beach with all my heart, and love finding agates and sand dollars and I feel cheated when I don't find a single treasure at the beach. I have never had a nice bottle of perfume. I really love corned beef and cabbage. I love watching baseball and hope to join a recreational co-ed softball league this spring or summer. I love traditions and creating new ones with my kiddo. I don't like winter at all - the only good thing about it is that Christmas is in winter. I have never been skiing or snowboarding, but think I would be good at snowboarding because I have a low center of gravity. I love reading, anything and everything, even the shampoo bottles. I love finding hair products, appliances, make-up, shampoo, etc. I am very much a girly-girl in that aspect, but seems like the rest of me is tom-boy. Not sure. Maybe I am halfsies. I love firefighters. Doesn't matter if they are young or old, I love 'em. Sometimes I wish I would just choke and need medical attention when I see one in public, so they would have to help me, but dang it, I never can hurt myself when they are around. I miss school. I hated swimming lessons growing up, I hated dead man's float and hated bobs. Once I decided to get a haircut on a whim and just went in to a place I never go and I got an awful haircut and, well, I couldn't tell if the person was a man or a woman. That was awful and awkward, both the experience and the haircut. I can't read in the car, or even look at pictures, I get car sick. Okay, I am going to take another break and recharge. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading, it gives me a false sense of being cool.

Random Facts about Me

I feel like sharing some random facts. My favorite colors are greens and pinks, although I love just about every color. I am a University of Oregon Duck fan, no matter what happens. I have a really active imagination, and I am a visual learner. I love writing letters. I enjoy scrap booking and most recently making cards. I have really, really strange and detailed dreams, that I almost always remember. It takes me less than a minute to fall asleep at night, but lately I have had a hard time staying asleep. I can sleep anywhere, including the car. I am too scared to go to the bathroom on airplanes. I want to retire in Oceanside or Bend. I love being an older sister. I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old boy, so it's probably a good thing I had a boy of my own! I love the smell of baby breath when they fall asleep on you. I used to be afraid of needles and having blood drawn, but being pregnant cured me of that. I don't like salad, and really the only veggie that I am wild about is corn, especially corn on the cob, although there are a few other vegetables that I will tolerate. I get nervous, a lot. I get so proud when I can make Trask laugh. I really like hanging out with my family. I am competitive, even about stupid things like guessing what time it is. I am horrible at guessing things! I used to be sneaky and snoop for presents, but I don't do that now, I like the surprises more. My new year's resolution is to floss everyday and clean up my language (almost cured, but I am guilty of letting a few no-no words fly). I get car sick when I am in Trask's car. I love looking at pictures, especially old pictures. I like going to antique stores. I am really awful at math, even mental math. I love sorting through the mail. I love blogging, but never thought I would like it. I really want to visit New Zealand... that will be my first trip out of the country. I hate talking on the phone. I want a miniature goat when I am older and have some room for one. I cannot sit still for movies in the theater. I really like going out for coffee with a friend to talk, even though I don't like coffee, I sure like non-fat chai tea lattes, and talking. I love flipping over my pillow in the middle of the night to find the cold side. I worry, a lot, almost always about things that are out of my control. I am an old soul, I swear I am 25 going on 45. I am the most comfortable in a pair of jeans, always. I can't remember what I did with all my time before I had Taylor - I can't even believe that I thought I was busy then! I am excited to have a house someday. My son's personality shocks and surprises me, and also pleases me. My son looks like me, even though he's a boy, and he has glasses like Trask used to, he still looks like his Mama! I love camping. I would love to design book covers. I wish I knew more about wine, other than the fact I like to drink it. I pick out wine by looking at the label, despite my mom-in-law's efforts to try and teach me a thing or two. I kiss a heck of a lot better than I cook. I will always have more to say, about anything and everything. And on that note, I will say 'bye' for now.

Squinty Eye

The Babely Bridal Shower Squint Eye

I am sure that you all know this about me, or have noticed this about me: I have a killer squinty eye smile. This is a Neffendorf thing that I have inherited from my amazingly awesome family, but I think I have the squintiest case of the squint eye. Can you even believe this eye? I obviously don't have to point out which eye is the one that squints. I can't even control it. Can you even see what color that eye is? We know it's a good picture when we can see a hint of pupil, and even better if you can see a little bit of white.

The Hawaiian Honeymoon Squint Eye

I have gathered a few pictures of me and my squint eye. It's always my left eye. Find this interesting? Probably not, but remember, it's not always about you. :) Later I will post all about how my eyes are lopsided, or crooked, but that is going to take the work of photoshop so I can add in lines so show you how uneven my face is. Get ready to get up close and not so personal. Well, perhaps very personal, as I am inviting you to look at my face and pick it apart and I am showing you how unbelievably crooked my baby blues are! Again, you'll have to wait a bit for that, but it'll be up soon.

The Day at the Beach in Oceanside Squint Eye

It really drives me nuts having my picture taken when I am by myself, because all I can think about is trying to remember to relax my eye and not get all squinty and swishy. It usually never works. And the saddest part is, since my face, mainly my eyes, are all uneven, my left eye seems a lot smaller than my right eye, making it really hard to not make it look all squinty. Oh the problems I have. It's an epidemic.

The Female Problem Child Squint Eye - (far too much sass)

Sitting, Waiting and Wishing...

I am not a patient person, at all, so waiting has never been an easy thing for me, ever. This means that my pregnancy felt like 2 years. It means that I will never be able to not find out the gender of my future-baby and to just have it be a surprise. People that can do that are amazing to me... I can only wish I was that strong and patient. Alas, I am not. And right now I feel like I am waiting for a lot. Let me break it down for you.

1. Tomorrow we are supposed to find out if Trask got the job he interviewed for at Yahoo! His interview was on Monday and they said we'd hear on Friday. That is a real quick turn-around, but not quick enough for me, and definitely not quick enough when you are broke and have nothing to do but WAIT. So, needless to say it's been a long week. I hope to have great news for you all tomorrow... please stay tuned. (Like you could ever not stay tuned, this blog is so addictive.)

2. I have a lot of friends and family that are pregnant. Without mentioning names, because some haven't come out of the 'pregnancy closet' and I don't want to 'out' them, but there are at least 6 lovely ladies in my life that are pregnant and I want those babies out of their tummies now so I can get my newborn-fix! I know that's creepy, but that is what I am best at: being creepy about little children, in a good way, though. Oh I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! So while I am sure that the ladies are feeling that their pregnancies are taking a long time, it feels longer for me, because I need access to a newborn, STAT. Until I can have another one, I will continue to be psycho when it comes to this topic. But let's move on.

3. It's only 5 days until Christmas, but it may as well be 500 days away, at the rate things are going! Come on, Christmas! Oh I have always been really awful at waiting for holidays, especially this one, and I love that I really only have to wait 4 days because we celebrate Christmas Eve, too. I almost wish Christmas was a week-long. I also love being ahead of schedule and productive, and I have had all my shopping and wrapping done since forever ago. This is good and bad. It's good because it's out of the way and I am not stressed at all. It's awful because when I see others doing their Christmas shopping, I feel like I should be doing it too, even though I already have all mine done. And then I always want to pick up 'a few more things' and end up buying too much. My problem is that I love to give, and I don't understand why I can't give to everyone and anyone. I can't wait until we have money to actually spend so I can shower everyone with love and treats and handicrafts.

Well, I am going to call it good for my blog about waiting. Just thinking about it all is stressing me out too much and the time when blogging becomes overwhelming and not fun is the time I need to go and cool off and walk some laps around the apartment, practicing my deep-breathing.

I love you all.


More Obsessions

These are just some of the things in this world that make me so happy, yet they are so simple... and I am really excited to share these things with all of you. I am not ashamed of any of these favorites, not at all. Sit back and enjoy.

Mama's Family

I have been watching this show since I was in the fourth or fifth grade, and I still watch it to this day, and have the same love for it now as I did back when I was 10. I have even found old journals from my childhood and in the entries I have written about the show, or noted that I was watching it while writing. How funny is that!? I have seen all 120 episodes and love them all! I feel like Mama is very much where I get my personality and spunk from... I just love her! Trask seems to be pretty patient most of the time when it comes to watching this show over and over, but I can tell he isn't the die-hard Mama's Family fan that I know he could be. Each week, Monday through Thursday from 8-9PM is my allotted guilty pleasure Mama's Family time.

Tons of Birds Flying at Once

It really, really excites me when we are in the car driving somewhere and I see a big flock of birds landing at the same time, taking off at the same time, or just flying in a big group in all different directions. Just ask Trask how giddy I get, it's ridiculous! I don't know why this is so awesome for me, nor where this love comes from, because I am not a huge fan of birds in general. All I do know is that when we are in the car and I see birds flying everywhere, I get a little adrenaline rush and get all giggly, and then I am made fun of by my loving husband. Is this strange?

Arm-Flailing Inflatable Tube Men

I love these things so very, very much! When I see one at a car lot that I am driving by, or on top of a building at a grand opening for a store, it makes me smile and again, I get all giddy and giggly. I remember being nervous for prenatal appointments and on the way to my doctor's office we passed a car lot in downtown Hillsboro that had one or two of these flailing tubes (they don't even have to have faces for me to get really excited), and when I would see it, I would get so happy that I wasn't nervous for my doctor's appointments anymore. I remember a few times it wasn't up and I would call Trask and pout about it not being up, but now that I think about it, it's a good thing that it's not always up, because when it is out and flailing, it's like a surprise just for me, and I always appreciate it, I never take it for granted. I may get too proud and take it for granted if it were out all the time, and we do not want that, at all. Now, it's special. Is this strange?

Dryer Lint

Doesn't seeing this just get you so excited? Maybe not. I absolutely LOVE getting to take the lint out of the lint trap in the dryer. I love it more than I can explain. It is just really satisfying to get it all gathered together. I guess I don't need to elaborate on this obsession, either you like it, or you don't. I like it, a lot. See, it really is the simple things in life!

PS: Thank you so much for reading my blog, that makes me happy, too!

Everyone's Favorite - Trask!

Let me tell you a bit about one of my greatest obsessions, ever, my awesome, hilarious, laid-back and wonderful husband and very best friend, Trask. I think he is just the coolest and most adorable guy in the world, and I still am so thankful everyday when I wake up and think that he actually chose to spend his life with me! I just think that is the greatest thing ever and I feel so incredibly lucky... he made a good choice when he picked me!!

Trask at Baby Beach, Kauai, May 14, 2007

Trask and I began dating 7 years ago this month, and what a crazy 7 years it has been. I met Trask when I had just turned 18, and was a senior at Churchill High School, in Eugene. Trask was just about to turn 19 (my goodness, we were babies!) and was a freshman at Western Oregon University. I am more than positive that we were meant to find each other and spend our lives together, and since our first date in December of 2000, we have been inseparable. We got engaged right before my junior year of college, on September 20, 2003 and got married on Baby Beach in Kauai on May 14, 2005.

Speaking of 2005, it was a busy year for us that year. We moved back into my mom's house to save money in January, both graduated from college in March, we got married in May, had our wedding reception in Oceanside in June, had Trask's graduation ceremony in June, both got new jobs and moved up to Hillsboro in July, and found out I was expecting our first child in November. Busy year, but I couldn't think of anyone that I would rather spend my life with than Trask.

My favorite things about Trask is his sense of humor. He's so funny, and loves a good joke, or even a bad joke, it doesn't really matter, and he even makes up his own jokes, he's so witty, and most importantly, he laughs at my jokes. I love that he is tall, for many reasons. I like that he can reach things that I cannot, and I like that I can wear the tallest shoes ever and not even be remotely close to being taller than he is. I love that my family loves Trask, and he loves my family. Even more, I love Trask's family with all my heart, as well. Trask is really creative and I love that. He is smart and knows all sorts of random facts. He is a wonderful, involved and caring daddy to Taylor, and I fall in love with him all over again whenever I see them together. (Okay, please don't stop reading my blog - I don't get sappy all that often, and I have more fears and rants than obsessions and raves, so this won't happen all the time!!). Regardless, I just love Trask so much and cherish the years that we have spent together so far, learning, changing and growing together, and I can't wait to see what the years ahead have in store for us.


A Favorite!

I have done lots of writing about my fears and things that creep me out, but I am going to switch the focus to something that makes me so happy. Two simple words: Jack Johnson. I have a slight obsession with this man, and his music. I have to give credit where credit is due, as I didn't discover Jack Johnson, Trask did. We started listening to him during my freshman year of college, and at first I decided I wasn't going to like him because Trask did, and I had a bit of an issue with finding music to like on my own, I didn't want or think I needed help. I refused to listen to the CD and even called it stupid. I call this period of my life the 'dark period' and I am not proud of my stubbornness, because I was missing out! Finally I think I listened to the CD, 'Brushfire Fairytales', while Trask was in class one day and I was instantly IN LOVE. How could you not love the music that comes from this beautiful man?! Oh he makes me drool. There is something about his sweet voice, laid-back personality and guitar playing that just makes me smile. A lot.

Oh sweet, sweet man

So now let's talk about what I will call my 'enlightened years', which is everything from the point I decided Jack Johnson was my most favorite until present, where I am still most definitely in the enlightened period. Jack Johnson's music just makes me really happy. His music is so laid-back and fun and it always, always puts me in a great mood, no matter what is going on, ever. I even listened to Jack Johnson while in the hospital having horrible contractions and during my epidural. That may freak him out if he knew that! I just want to also stress that I am not in the market to find a new favorite musician, either. I have all that I need and feel fully satisfied with my iTunes full of Jack Johnson's music.

Also, I want to say that he has a new CD coming out early February and I am going to be the happiest girl ever that month, and for months after that! And, even cooler news, Trask pinky-swore (yes, we do that) that next time Jack is in Oregon we'll go to the concert. Too bad he's touring Australia, New Zealand and Europe in 2008. Anyone want to fund a trip for me!? I didn't think so. Thanks anyhow.

Anyway, just really wanted to sing some praise for one of the greatest musicians, songwriters and performers, as well as surfers, ever.

And this is a little note for Summer, my beloved sis-in-law, who still denies Jack Johnson in her life, claiming his music makes her 'tired' and 'sleepy'. Summer, please don't hurt us and say such filth!! Let's work out a compromise.


Nutcrackers & Sock Monkeys

Well, as you probably guessed, I am not a huge fan of nutcrackers, either. Perhaps it is because they sort of resemble marionette dolls a little bit. I just feel like their eyes are always on me when I am in a room that has a nutcracker or two in there. I don't mind the ones with painted on mustaches nearly as much as the ones with real fluffy and soft facial hair, that is just strange to me. This seems to be a super irrational fear of mine, so I think I can work through this one.

I have worked through other fears, as well, like my fear of sock monkeys. I was cured of this irrational and silly fear by my friend, Jill, who decided it would be fun to torture me and take a bunch of pictures of sock monkeys and her adorable son and email them to me. Well, I love her son, and seeing him love on the sock monkey softened me a bit. I even have a sock monkey for Taylor now, but I keep it in the car, far from my bed where I sleep. I am sure sock monkeys do most of their haunting and monkey business at night while the innocent, like moi, sleep. I still think something strange happened with a sock monkey in my childhood, but can't afford the hypnosis to figure that out yet. So thanks to Jill, I can now look at a sock monkey without chills running up and down my spine. Thank you, Jill Marie!!


Spiders are another thing that really upset me. Well, most spiders are actually okay with me, it's just the big ones with hair and visible fangs that make me a little jittery and want to gag. I ate a daddy long legs spider when I was young, and I seem to be okay. This beauty here was a friend that Trask and I made in Kauai (May 2005). He seemed to be the resident spider at the cottage that we stayed in that week. He didn't help carry in the bags of groceries though. I was glad we brought our camera with the big lens so I didn't have to get super close to it to take the picture. He wouldn't smile for the camera, so this is his serious face.

Actually, speaking of Kauai, we ran into a few other critters that I enjoy, not just ones that scare me. I really like roosters and chickens. And if you have been to Kauai, you know that wild roosters are all over the island. I see roosters here in Oregon and it doesn't excite me what-so-ever, but roosters over on the islands really makes me smile. They just live a more laid-back lifestyle - it must be all the Jack Johnson that they listen to. Please don't believe everything I say or write.

I also loved the geckos. I didn't get any pictures of ones that are alive, and I don't want to post the picture of the gecko that got slammed in the door, so just use your imagination and picture a little gecko hanging out with me and Trask on the lanai. Thanks. We'll be doing imagination exercises like this from time to time, be prepared.

Something Scary in Tillamook

On a wintry, cool and crisp day in March of 2006, when Trask and I were staying at a bed and breakfast in Sandlake, we decided to check out some antique shops in Tillamook to pass time before check-in to our room. Well, this is a painting that I found in one of the antique shops, and it blew me away. The picture probably isn't the best quality because I was shaking too much with laughter to hold the camera still. Now when I look at the picture, I don't laugh, but I get really nervous. Isn't this child wicked? I am thinking I should tell Taylor that this is a painting we had done of him when he was a baby. Is that awful? This picture just really makes everything better when I am having a bad day. Come on, just look at it a little longer.

Sad Banana

Trask found this sad banana face on this slice of banana when he was cutting it up. Doesn't it look so sad and helpless?! Please someone tell me that you see the sad face, too. I guess I don't have much to say about this, just wanted to share our discovery of the forlorn banana face with people that I feel safe sharing it with. It still makes me laugh looking at this little guy.

Karlie's Feet

First off, Karlie, I am so sorry I am putting your precious toes up on my blog for all to see... but it's important for me to share this. Note that it's important to ME, not really important to others, but to me, this is a critical point to understand and accept.

Oh, my dear sister Karlie's toes, are both a fear and an obsession of mine. Karlie has always had 'toe issues' since she was a wee-one, and it drove me a bit batty. In her toddler years, before we would leave the house, it would take about an hour to get this girl to wear socks (I am not joking). She didn't like the way that the seam tickled her toes and would have a cow about it until the problem was fixed or she got tired of fussing (Why we didn't just turn her socks inside out, I am not sure). I remember watching her carry on and on about the socks tickling her feet and I never understood why.

Now upon examining this picture, perhaps I understand a bit more. Look at those toes!!!

Karlie has the ultimate monkey toes and I am sure that if she were to lose an arm, she would be just fine, because not only does she have long and flexible toes, they are coated in a special, clammy-like film that creates a bond or a grip that would blow anyone's mind. Ask her to help you open up a jar that is stuck shut!

So I fear her feet because she can pinch me really hard with them, but it's also an obsession, because look at that toe-spread!! Don't mess with her. I will be paying for this blog-posting later, I just know it.


Rave: Katie Jervis Photography

I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about Katie Kelly, an awesome photographer and now dear, dear friend. I have known Katie now for just about 2 years. I met her when she was photographing my wonderful friends Allison & Jeremiah's wedding. She was just the coolest and once I saw how the wedding pictures turned out, I knew I had found a favorite! Katie has taken my maternity pictures when I was 7 months pregnant with Taylor (and even made my chubby tummy look precious), family pictures when Taylor was just about 6 months old, and then most recently took more family pictures for us at Laurelhurst Park in October of this year. Katie is just the friendliest, most laid-back, compassionate and genuine person out there. I am including her website and links to slideshows she has done for our family. You can't help but just love her!!


January 2007 Slideshow
October 2007 Slideshow

Things that I Have a Problem with

This list will never be complete, ever, but we'll get started with a good number of things that bother me, and we'll continue to add to it. If you can think of something I missed, please leave a comment and remind me. It's not rude, it's helpful!

- Bruises on fruit really scares me. I refuse to touch a bruised banana, it makes me squirm inside and makes my face get all squished up. Yuck.

- Clowns. They scare the living daylight out of me. Why all the make-up? What are they hiding? They just look like they want to get you into a corner and tickle you, and then steal candy or something. I especially am creeped out by the tramp or hobo clowns that always look sad. Female clowns are also very frightening. It is hard for me to go to parades, but I can suck it up for my son, he's worth it.

- People dressed up on the sidewalk to advertise a business. I have seen apes, tacos, sandwiches, parrots, pizza slices, and yes, they all bother me.

- Orphan socks. I hate the socks left over after you fold the laundry. And I don't mean they just annoy me. I actually hate touching them. I hate the fact that they are just left to deal with and can't stand looking at them. If I were rich, I would just throw them away. I don't, because I am not rich. So instead I throw them in Trask's nightstand drawer. I will figure out the rest of orphan sock plan later, when the drawer gets full. Perhaps Taylor will like orphan socks, or I can make him like them, for money.

- Green olives bother me. And you know what, I have never tried them, and I know I never will. I have already decided they taste gross. Trask thinks they are awful, so it must be true.

- Men with long nails, especially pinkie nails. This is just gross and it really disturbs me. I don't even want to see white tip at the end of any man's nails, it means they are too long. And I would rather a guy have all long nails than just a few long nails lurking amongst the other normal length nails. It's just really creepy and mischievous.

- Pinocchio. What a strange thing he is. He's part marionette doll, which utterly scares me, and he's kind of real and kind of wood. His nose really disturbs me, as well as his voice and icy blue eyes. He's never been my favorite.

- Raw meat. Touching raw meat, especially chicken, really makes me sick. I hate how it looks and hate how it feels in my hands. It makes my skin crawl just thinking of having to touch it. Blah!

- Harvey the bunny on TV Highway in Hillsboro. He is that large, huge bunny that has soulless eyes that stare at me while I am in the car happily driving. I hate how he holds things, too, near the holidays. Like now he is holding a Christmas tree. Oh he freaks me out.

Harvey - the scariest thing on TV Highway


Welcome to my very own blog. I can't even explain how excited I am to start my own blog where I can talk about what I want, however random my topics may be. It all started when I was starting to make a list of things that creep me out, at the request of my beloved sister-in-law, Summer. You see, a lot of strange things creep me out, things that wouldn't bother the normal person, but yet, they deeply bother, scare or creep me out. I also am a lover of simple things in life that most people don't think about, or care about. I will be the first to admit that I am a weird one, so don't read this and feel bad for me, like I am some confused soul that doesn't know I am strange. Oh, I know. Also, I am kindly reminded of my 'uniqueness' daily by my loving husband, and lots of friends and family who know I appreciate honesty and frankness.

Anyway, I have said a whole lot without saying much. So I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Shauna and I am 25 years old, living in the great Pacific NW with my husband, Trask and my 16-1/2 month old son, Taylor. We have a highly-anxious rat terrier, named Maddie, who will be 3 next year. I graduated from the University of Oregon with my bachelor's degree in Family and Human Services from the College of Education, in March 2005. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, which is the most important full-time job I can ever imagine. My husband is my absolute best friend, I can actually be myself and he still not only likes me, but LOVES me. How cool is that?!

I really hope that someone besides me gets joy or smiles from this blog. It'll be random, but fun. I have lots to say, all the time, so it'll be a great way to get it out of my system so I don't drive Trask crazy at night when he is trying to sleep and I am up because my mind won't turn off and let me rest.

Stay tuned, more blogging to come... where I'll introduce you to a little list of things that creep me out.