Spiders are another thing that really upset me. Well, most spiders are actually okay with me, it's just the big ones with hair and visible fangs that make me a little jittery and want to gag. I ate a daddy long legs spider when I was young, and I seem to be okay. This beauty here was a friend that Trask and I made in Kauai (May 2005). He seemed to be the resident spider at the cottage that we stayed in that week. He didn't help carry in the bags of groceries though. I was glad we brought our camera with the big lens so I didn't have to get super close to it to take the picture. He wouldn't smile for the camera, so this is his serious face.

Actually, speaking of Kauai, we ran into a few other critters that I enjoy, not just ones that scare me. I really like roosters and chickens. And if you have been to Kauai, you know that wild roosters are all over the island. I see roosters here in Oregon and it doesn't excite me what-so-ever, but roosters over on the islands really makes me smile. They just live a more laid-back lifestyle - it must be all the Jack Johnson that they listen to. Please don't believe everything I say or write.

I also loved the geckos. I didn't get any pictures of ones that are alive, and I don't want to post the picture of the gecko that got slammed in the door, so just use your imagination and picture a little gecko hanging out with me and Trask on the lanai. Thanks. We'll be doing imagination exercises like this from time to time, be prepared.

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Sara said...

Hi Sho! Just getting caught up on your blog. This is my favorite post so far! You are so hilarious and I love reading it. You would love the giant lizards in Mexico I bet!