A Favorite!

I have done lots of writing about my fears and things that creep me out, but I am going to switch the focus to something that makes me so happy. Two simple words: Jack Johnson. I have a slight obsession with this man, and his music. I have to give credit where credit is due, as I didn't discover Jack Johnson, Trask did. We started listening to him during my freshman year of college, and at first I decided I wasn't going to like him because Trask did, and I had a bit of an issue with finding music to like on my own, I didn't want or think I needed help. I refused to listen to the CD and even called it stupid. I call this period of my life the 'dark period' and I am not proud of my stubbornness, because I was missing out! Finally I think I listened to the CD, 'Brushfire Fairytales', while Trask was in class one day and I was instantly IN LOVE. How could you not love the music that comes from this beautiful man?! Oh he makes me drool. There is something about his sweet voice, laid-back personality and guitar playing that just makes me smile. A lot.

Oh sweet, sweet man

So now let's talk about what I will call my 'enlightened years', which is everything from the point I decided Jack Johnson was my most favorite until present, where I am still most definitely in the enlightened period. Jack Johnson's music just makes me really happy. His music is so laid-back and fun and it always, always puts me in a great mood, no matter what is going on, ever. I even listened to Jack Johnson while in the hospital having horrible contractions and during my epidural. That may freak him out if he knew that! I just want to also stress that I am not in the market to find a new favorite musician, either. I have all that I need and feel fully satisfied with my iTunes full of Jack Johnson's music.

Also, I want to say that he has a new CD coming out early February and I am going to be the happiest girl ever that month, and for months after that! And, even cooler news, Trask pinky-swore (yes, we do that) that next time Jack is in Oregon we'll go to the concert. Too bad he's touring Australia, New Zealand and Europe in 2008. Anyone want to fund a trip for me!? I didn't think so. Thanks anyhow.

Anyway, just really wanted to sing some praise for one of the greatest musicians, songwriters and performers, as well as surfers, ever.

And this is a little note for Summer, my beloved sis-in-law, who still denies Jack Johnson in her life, claiming his music makes her 'tired' and 'sleepy'. Summer, please don't hurt us and say such filth!! Let's work out a compromise.


Summer said...

Compromise this- he not only makes me tired and sleepy- he irritates me and makes me feel like I need to slug something. I'm getting upset talking about it.

Jill said...

I can't fund your trip, but if I could, I'd squeeze my chunky child-filled body into a suitcase and go with you!!! I adore Jacky, the only man in the world that can still look sexy with the name "Jack". I would be the Jill to his Jack any day!