Karlie's Feet

First off, Karlie, I am so sorry I am putting your precious toes up on my blog for all to see... but it's important for me to share this. Note that it's important to ME, not really important to others, but to me, this is a critical point to understand and accept.

Oh, my dear sister Karlie's toes, are both a fear and an obsession of mine. Karlie has always had 'toe issues' since she was a wee-one, and it drove me a bit batty. In her toddler years, before we would leave the house, it would take about an hour to get this girl to wear socks (I am not joking). She didn't like the way that the seam tickled her toes and would have a cow about it until the problem was fixed or she got tired of fussing (Why we didn't just turn her socks inside out, I am not sure). I remember watching her carry on and on about the socks tickling her feet and I never understood why.

Now upon examining this picture, perhaps I understand a bit more. Look at those toes!!!

Karlie has the ultimate monkey toes and I am sure that if she were to lose an arm, she would be just fine, because not only does she have long and flexible toes, they are coated in a special, clammy-like film that creates a bond or a grip that would blow anyone's mind. Ask her to help you open up a jar that is stuck shut!

So I fear her feet because she can pinch me really hard with them, but it's also an obsession, because look at that toe-spread!! Don't mess with her. I will be paying for this blog-posting later, I just know it.

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Jill said...

Good Lord, those are some monkey toes. The only ones that can compete are my bro-in-law's ape toes. His big toe even separates a bit from the others, like a monkey thumb does. Weird...