More Random Facts

More things that I enjoy... Kauai. I absolutely love it there, and have been there 3 times - never for long enough. I love it so much that Trask and I got married there. I can't wait to take Taylor. I love listening to Christmas songs, and I remember the holiday programs we would put on in elementary school, and I can't wait to go to Taylor's when he is in preschool. I am sure he'll be an enthusiastic singer. I like waking up early. I almost always fall asleep reading if I try to read right before bed. I really like watching The Office. I also wish I could be best friends with the character Barbara Jean from the show Reba - she cracks me up and she's just the best! I could spend hours and hours at bookstores, especially Powell's. I love the smell of citrus fruits. I also love the smell of coconut. When I was pregnant the smell of coffee made me want to hurl, as well as the smell of popcorn. I swear that smell got stuck in my throat, like I ate it or something, and it would stay there for days, along with my acid reflux - basically I only felt good during my 2nd trimester. I don't know what's 'cool' anymore, at all, and I am fine with that. I use reusable grocery bags. I really wish I knew how to sing, because I am pretty good remembering the lyrics to songs. I also wish I could play the guitar or piano. I can never decide whether I like my hair lighter or darker, shorter or longer. I am the perfect candidate for hair extensions. I love my Subaru but wish that there was more room in it for Taylor and his long legs. Speaking of legs, I wish mine were longer. Jeans are never the right length - the 'short' is too short and the 'regular' is too long. I am really picky about the back pockets on jeans. I love shoes and feel like I can always justify more. I like going to the dog park, but it always makes me want a different dog than the one I took to the park, our dog, Maddie. I tried sand boarding in Florence with Trask and loved it, and want to try it again. I love the beach with all my heart, and love finding agates and sand dollars and I feel cheated when I don't find a single treasure at the beach. I have never had a nice bottle of perfume. I really love corned beef and cabbage. I love watching baseball and hope to join a recreational co-ed softball league this spring or summer. I love traditions and creating new ones with my kiddo. I don't like winter at all - the only good thing about it is that Christmas is in winter. I have never been skiing or snowboarding, but think I would be good at snowboarding because I have a low center of gravity. I love reading, anything and everything, even the shampoo bottles. I love finding hair products, appliances, make-up, shampoo, etc. I am very much a girly-girl in that aspect, but seems like the rest of me is tom-boy. Not sure. Maybe I am halfsies. I love firefighters. Doesn't matter if they are young or old, I love 'em. Sometimes I wish I would just choke and need medical attention when I see one in public, so they would have to help me, but dang it, I never can hurt myself when they are around. I miss school. I hated swimming lessons growing up, I hated dead man's float and hated bobs. Once I decided to get a haircut on a whim and just went in to a place I never go and I got an awful haircut and, well, I couldn't tell if the person was a man or a woman. That was awful and awkward, both the experience and the haircut. I can't read in the car, or even look at pictures, I get car sick. Okay, I am going to take another break and recharge. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading, it gives me a false sense of being cool.

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Aunt Michelle said...

What's with the toes??? It reminds me of when all us girls went to get a pedicure and took a picture of all our toes. We are a crazy bunch, huh?