Nutcrackers & Sock Monkeys

Well, as you probably guessed, I am not a huge fan of nutcrackers, either. Perhaps it is because they sort of resemble marionette dolls a little bit. I just feel like their eyes are always on me when I am in a room that has a nutcracker or two in there. I don't mind the ones with painted on mustaches nearly as much as the ones with real fluffy and soft facial hair, that is just strange to me. This seems to be a super irrational fear of mine, so I think I can work through this one.

I have worked through other fears, as well, like my fear of sock monkeys. I was cured of this irrational and silly fear by my friend, Jill, who decided it would be fun to torture me and take a bunch of pictures of sock monkeys and her adorable son and email them to me. Well, I love her son, and seeing him love on the sock monkey softened me a bit. I even have a sock monkey for Taylor now, but I keep it in the car, far from my bed where I sleep. I am sure sock monkeys do most of their haunting and monkey business at night while the innocent, like moi, sleep. I still think something strange happened with a sock monkey in my childhood, but can't afford the hypnosis to figure that out yet. So thanks to Jill, I can now look at a sock monkey without chills running up and down my spine. Thank you, Jill Marie!!

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Jill said...

I'm glad I helped you with this phobia. I saw some sock monkey slippers in Targe the other day and thought of you...but they were either little girl-sized or enormous, so I couldn't get them for you. I'm dreadfully sorry.