Random Facts about Me

I feel like sharing some random facts. My favorite colors are greens and pinks, although I love just about every color. I am a University of Oregon Duck fan, no matter what happens. I have a really active imagination, and I am a visual learner. I love writing letters. I enjoy scrap booking and most recently making cards. I have really, really strange and detailed dreams, that I almost always remember. It takes me less than a minute to fall asleep at night, but lately I have had a hard time staying asleep. I can sleep anywhere, including the car. I am too scared to go to the bathroom on airplanes. I want to retire in Oceanside or Bend. I love being an older sister. I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old boy, so it's probably a good thing I had a boy of my own! I love the smell of baby breath when they fall asleep on you. I used to be afraid of needles and having blood drawn, but being pregnant cured me of that. I don't like salad, and really the only veggie that I am wild about is corn, especially corn on the cob, although there are a few other vegetables that I will tolerate. I get nervous, a lot. I get so proud when I can make Trask laugh. I really like hanging out with my family. I am competitive, even about stupid things like guessing what time it is. I am horrible at guessing things! I used to be sneaky and snoop for presents, but I don't do that now, I like the surprises more. My new year's resolution is to floss everyday and clean up my language (almost cured, but I am guilty of letting a few no-no words fly). I get car sick when I am in Trask's car. I love looking at pictures, especially old pictures. I like going to antique stores. I am really awful at math, even mental math. I love sorting through the mail. I love blogging, but never thought I would like it. I really want to visit New Zealand... that will be my first trip out of the country. I hate talking on the phone. I want a miniature goat when I am older and have some room for one. I cannot sit still for movies in the theater. I really like going out for coffee with a friend to talk, even though I don't like coffee, I sure like non-fat chai tea lattes, and talking. I love flipping over my pillow in the middle of the night to find the cold side. I worry, a lot, almost always about things that are out of my control. I am an old soul, I swear I am 25 going on 45. I am the most comfortable in a pair of jeans, always. I can't remember what I did with all my time before I had Taylor - I can't even believe that I thought I was busy then! I am excited to have a house someday. My son's personality shocks and surprises me, and also pleases me. My son looks like me, even though he's a boy, and he has glasses like Trask used to, he still looks like his Mama! I love camping. I would love to design book covers. I wish I knew more about wine, other than the fact I like to drink it. I pick out wine by looking at the label, despite my mom-in-law's efforts to try and teach me a thing or two. I kiss a heck of a lot better than I cook. I will always have more to say, about anything and everything. And on that note, I will say 'bye' for now.

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