Rave: Katie Jervis Photography

I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about Katie Kelly, an awesome photographer and now dear, dear friend. I have known Katie now for just about 2 years. I met her when she was photographing my wonderful friends Allison & Jeremiah's wedding. She was just the coolest and once I saw how the wedding pictures turned out, I knew I had found a favorite! Katie has taken my maternity pictures when I was 7 months pregnant with Taylor (and even made my chubby tummy look precious), family pictures when Taylor was just about 6 months old, and then most recently took more family pictures for us at Laurelhurst Park in October of this year. Katie is just the friendliest, most laid-back, compassionate and genuine person out there. I am including her website and links to slideshows she has done for our family. You can't help but just love her!!


January 2007 Slideshow
October 2007 Slideshow

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Jill said...

She does an awesome job--I love all of your family pictures! But fortunate for her, she has a rather photogenic, gorgeous family to take pictures of in the Rogers.