Squinty Eye

The Babely Bridal Shower Squint Eye

I am sure that you all know this about me, or have noticed this about me: I have a killer squinty eye smile. This is a Neffendorf thing that I have inherited from my amazingly awesome family, but I think I have the squintiest case of the squint eye. Can you even believe this eye? I obviously don't have to point out which eye is the one that squints. I can't even control it. Can you even see what color that eye is? We know it's a good picture when we can see a hint of pupil, and even better if you can see a little bit of white.

The Hawaiian Honeymoon Squint Eye

I have gathered a few pictures of me and my squint eye. It's always my left eye. Find this interesting? Probably not, but remember, it's not always about you. :) Later I will post all about how my eyes are lopsided, or crooked, but that is going to take the work of photoshop so I can add in lines so show you how uneven my face is. Get ready to get up close and not so personal. Well, perhaps very personal, as I am inviting you to look at my face and pick it apart and I am showing you how unbelievably crooked my baby blues are! Again, you'll have to wait a bit for that, but it'll be up soon.

The Day at the Beach in Oceanside Squint Eye

It really drives me nuts having my picture taken when I am by myself, because all I can think about is trying to remember to relax my eye and not get all squinty and swishy. It usually never works. And the saddest part is, since my face, mainly my eyes, are all uneven, my left eye seems a lot smaller than my right eye, making it really hard to not make it look all squinty. Oh the problems I have. It's an epidemic.

The Female Problem Child Squint Eye - (far too much sass)


Jill said...

Ahh! I have the same problem, in the same eye! BUT, due to the glories of the digital camera, it is rare when my squinty eye is reveiled...and even crazier?? Byron and Wade have the same problem, but it's only in the morning for the first few hours after they wake up! After a while it goes away, but it's in the SAME eye as you and me!!! I think we all come from some sort of incestuous family or something--that's freaky.

Kearsie said...

Dude! I have a squinty eyeball too!!!!

Why am I even surprised?