Things that I Have a Problem with

This list will never be complete, ever, but we'll get started with a good number of things that bother me, and we'll continue to add to it. If you can think of something I missed, please leave a comment and remind me. It's not rude, it's helpful!

- Bruises on fruit really scares me. I refuse to touch a bruised banana, it makes me squirm inside and makes my face get all squished up. Yuck.

- Clowns. They scare the living daylight out of me. Why all the make-up? What are they hiding? They just look like they want to get you into a corner and tickle you, and then steal candy or something. I especially am creeped out by the tramp or hobo clowns that always look sad. Female clowns are also very frightening. It is hard for me to go to parades, but I can suck it up for my son, he's worth it.

- People dressed up on the sidewalk to advertise a business. I have seen apes, tacos, sandwiches, parrots, pizza slices, and yes, they all bother me.

- Orphan socks. I hate the socks left over after you fold the laundry. And I don't mean they just annoy me. I actually hate touching them. I hate the fact that they are just left to deal with and can't stand looking at them. If I were rich, I would just throw them away. I don't, because I am not rich. So instead I throw them in Trask's nightstand drawer. I will figure out the rest of orphan sock plan later, when the drawer gets full. Perhaps Taylor will like orphan socks, or I can make him like them, for money.

- Green olives bother me. And you know what, I have never tried them, and I know I never will. I have already decided they taste gross. Trask thinks they are awful, so it must be true.

- Men with long nails, especially pinkie nails. This is just gross and it really disturbs me. I don't even want to see white tip at the end of any man's nails, it means they are too long. And I would rather a guy have all long nails than just a few long nails lurking amongst the other normal length nails. It's just really creepy and mischievous.

- Pinocchio. What a strange thing he is. He's part marionette doll, which utterly scares me, and he's kind of real and kind of wood. His nose really disturbs me, as well as his voice and icy blue eyes. He's never been my favorite.

- Raw meat. Touching raw meat, especially chicken, really makes me sick. I hate how it looks and hate how it feels in my hands. It makes my skin crawl just thinking of having to touch it. Blah!

- Harvey the bunny on TV Highway in Hillsboro. He is that large, huge bunny that has soulless eyes that stare at me while I am in the car happily driving. I hate how he holds things, too, near the holidays. Like now he is holding a Christmas tree. Oh he freaks me out.

Harvey - the scariest thing on TV Highway


Summer said...

Boo Hiss! I love Harvey, and he loves me back.

Jill said...

You are so crazy! But that's why I adore you in every way. I've never seen Harvey in person, but I have to agree--by that photo of him, he does look like he kidnaps small children and eats them.