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Just real quick, I wanted to share a pair of shoes that I got from Payless ShoeSource for $11.99 and they basically make me even more awesome than I already was without them!! Here you go, go grab yourself up a pair, they are super comfy, and you can really wear them with anything because they have a lot of different colors. ENJOY!

Time to Talk!

Good morning, sweet Internet, friends and family, good morning! I woke up at midnight last night with lots of things to say/type on my blog, so let's see how much I remembered. I may have forgotten the majority of it because the rest of the night I was having strange dreams. Here goes nothing...

First, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who voted on my all-so-important 'hair poll'. You know how important voting is, and with my blog, you don't even need to be registered. As for the results of the poll, I am finding that no matter how I decide to have my hair, not everyone will be happy, and most likely not me, either. I have this horrible habit of liking something for a few weeks and then wanting a change... perfect candidate for a hair and make up team that can work on me daily, with access to extensions. But, that's a few years down the road, at least. So what to do now, you ask. Well, it's simple. I am going to keep growing out my hair, to see if I can get past this horrible in-between stage, that way I can actually see what my hair looks like long. Then if I don't like it, I'll just cut it. (I am a hair dresser's worst nightmare, rolled into a sweet dream - I am always getting it changed, which can be annoying, but then, I am always there, giving them money!!). Sorry for the sidetrack. Anyway, as for the color. I think I am going to leave the majority of my hair darker (or more natural - whatever that means, really, who knows anymore), and then pull some more blond through to lighten things up. This, of course, will happen when we have money, so who knows when that will be. God willing, it will be soon! Mama wants to get some color done.

Okay, second topic: my day yesterday. Yesterday was a wild and fun day. Well, mostly fun, not as much wild. Well, kind of wild, because we went to the zoo. But again, I digress. So, Trask took Taylor and I to the zoo to get us out of the house and we had a ton of fun. Taylor roared at every single animal that he saw. I didn't have the heart to tell him that fish don't roar, so there we go, he roared at everything, even the fish. He loves the zoo now, more than ever, especially when we go on a freezing cold weekday, because then he can roam around with us on his own 2 legs and get up close and personal with the animals. This kid has no fear - that's going to be an issue down the road, I know it. Also, to our amazement (well, not really, because it was so cold), it started snowing while we were there, big, fat, fluffy flakes. How fun is that?! So, that was a good day at the zoo, and then we went to have lunch at Big Red's...

So at lunch we are seated next to these seemingly normal middle-aged gentlemen, engrossed in a deep conversation with one another. I really should be a spy, by the way. Anyway, Trask and I can't help but overhear tid-bits and snippets of their conversation, because one of the guys was talking really loud. I was thankful for this, because then I didn't have to keep leaning in his direction and scolding Taylor every time he laughed or spoke. Back to the conversation... this guy was saying that he was a modern-day WIZARD. (Please bare in mind that Trask and I were tearing up because we were holding in our laughter, and this was a funny situation, you just had to be there, okay! And yes, you are welcome for sharing it with you!). So the wizard was talking about a lot of his 'clients', who knows what that means?!, and talking about saunas that have infrared beams of light that cleanse and detoxify you, more so than a regular sauna. He got it from a friend who was moving and wanted the wizard to host a garage sale for him, as he was busy. This garage sale made $5,000. He uses crystals and I am sure he knows about mind gems, Allison! Anyway, not sure what he does, besides wizardry, to have clients, but I am sure he's neglecting some confidentiality guidelines and practices (or lack there of). This wizard spoke to his quiet friend of going to Egypt, where there used to be tons of wizards, he said, and told of his enlightening and mystical experience sitting and meditating for 4 hours on top of the Sphinx. Mind you, he bribed the government and the police so he could do this, as he stated you are not allowed to touch it, and it's protected by fencing and other things, but not when you have bribes. What did he bribe them with, I want to know, and that is what most likely kept me from sleeping last night. So, upon the Sphinx he meditated, right on the head of the huge monument (is that the right word?!) and for 4 hours just found himself. Truly amazing. He said he doesn't like losing clients when they find out he's a wizard, because he's not into dark or black magic, but they always assume so. Let me tell you, he had the eyes of a wizard. I know these things, and maybe, one day, if you all behave, I will tell you more about my knowledge of wizard eyes. Summer, you know about them, too. Anyway, what a treat it was to get entertainment during our lunch. The food was mediocre this time around, but with the wizard about 8 feet away, it was one of the greatest lunches of all time. And a big 'thank you' goes out to Taylor, for being the most well-behaved child around during this lunch, I knew he had it in him!!

Also exciting, I got a few new supplies for my card-making from Jo Ann's last night. I have been on my good behavior, or so Trask thinks, so I got to get a few goodies. I got a set clear stamp letters, some more fun paper, a few more rubber stamps, and a card-making magazine that made me want to cry because all the cards in there are so amazing - I have so many new ideas! Now, if only I had a few more hours in the day.

Anyway, I think I have tapped out my blogging abilities for the morning, at least. I have a fun couple of days ahead, and you know you'll be hearing about them soon (like, after they happen!). I will post pictures from the zoo soon, but I don't have them on the computer yet, because we went old-school and took our 35mm, so please wait. I will try and find a picture of a wizard on-line and post it so you have something to look at in the meantime.

I love you all, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog! It's so, so, so much fun!


lemon drop studios

Well, I have a couple people to thank for their help in coming up with name ideas for my crafts. Actually, only Amie and Trask helped, so thank you to both of you. I chose my name, and as you probably can guess by the title of this blog entry, it's 'lemon drop studio.' I feel like it sums me up pretty well. Anyway, again, thank you Amie and Trask. Oh, and Sara, thank you, because you wanted to help and said we would talk about it this weekend, but I guess I beat you to the punch! You deserve a thank you, too, though!! Oh, and thank you to my mom, Aunt Michelle and Summer, who liked the name we came up with, as well as the logo. I hope you all like the logo and the name, and that you buy gobs and gobs of my stuff... just kidding, but seriously.


in need of help!!

Some of you know this, others perhaps not, but I am really getting in to making greeting cards and other sorts of stationery and paper goods, and also hoping to broaden my scope of craft projects as I gain more experience and once people show interest.

Anyway... I have been having a lot of fun and wanted to start selling some of my cards and crafts on this great website, www.etsy.com, a site full of handmade goods from jewelry to cards to purses and much more. In order to get things started right, I want to come up with a fun name for my 'studio' or whatever you really want to call it, but something that really sums up me and my style. The only thing that is coming to mind in my head is an orange slice. I can't think of a name or anything, and I am not even sold on the whole orange idea, it was just a starting point. HELP ME!! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, either make a comment or email me at shauna14@gmail.com, or call me if you want!!

Are you thinking, 'Why is she making us think of this stuff for her, isn't her husband awesome and amazing at marketing and advertising?!' and my answer to you is: HE IS BUSY LOOKING FOR A JOB, AND I DON'T WANT TO DISTRACT HIM!! (Imagine that being politely said, as it looks mean when I type in all caps.)

Pretend this is a picture of me, being stressed out

Thanks and I can't wait to hear what you guys think!!


Quiet Time

TGFT - Thank God for Trask

I love my husband and son with all of my heart and I would do ANYTHING for them. However, this past couple weeks have been hard on me, and being in the house with these 2 crazy boys 24/7 was starting to make me twitch. Trask, being the most amazing person in the world, took Taylor to the Children's Museum today so I could have some much needed, and greatly appreciated QUIET TIME. I am laying on the couch relaxing and having a nice big glass of water, that I don't have to keep up high and out of the munchkin's reach. My house is also clean, and I am showered, with my hair blown dry, make-up on, and dressed. This hasn't happened all at once for awhile. Life is awesome! The dog is even in the other room napping on her dog bed - good girl, Maddie. I hope Trask and Taylor are having a blast playing at the museum. I am sure they'll come home and take naps.

This is a portrait of me doing the dishes - circa 1950

Anyway, Trask had a job interview yesterday that went really well, and we'll know more later this week, but we're crossing our fingers he gets a second interview. This job is about 5 minutes away from us, so that is awesome. We're trying to be really positive about it, but not getting too far ahead of ourselves at the same time.

You'll see that I have posted a new poll on my blog. I am asking everyone to help me out on this one. I can never make up my mind about my hair, so I am looking for ideas, candid opinions, etc to help me find something that looks good. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, whatever, just email me or comment on my blog and let me know. Not a huge deal, I know, but fun to see what everyone thinks. Lord knows that I can't make up my mind on this matter on my own!

Hmmm... I seem to be rambling more than usual. What to type about next?!... I'll think of something. I will go and look at pictures to get some ideas. You'll hear more from me later. I am going to go and enjoy the quiet a little while longer.


[Insert Fun Title Here]

Happy 2008 to all my family and friends!!

I hope that the new year is treating everyone wonderfully. Not much is going on here at the Rogers' house. We heard from Yahoo! and found out that they decided to hire internally, but if they were going to hire someone from outside the company, Trask would have had the job. Always nice to know, but doesn't really help. So now I am officially boycotting the Yahoo! search engine. (I will have to find somewhere else to do my fantasy baseball-- but I have a bit to figure it out.) I have always liked Google better anyhow. (Oh, how my alliances and allegiances quickly change...).

Anyhow, we're not giving up, so the job hunts continue. I am going to try and find a retail job close by to get some bills paid, working evenings so Trask can still job-hunt during the day, but will be around to watch Taylor while I work in the evenings or on the weekends. We'll see what happens - I am not sure how ready I am to work with the general public again, or how ready they are to deal with me. I have stories that could scare your children, and even your children's children. Yes, they are that terrifying. I had worked in retail for about 7-8 years before I got my first and only office job, so I think that I can deal, or at least I hope I can. I know that there must be something better out there for Trask than Yahoo! and that must be why he didn't get the job, but it still bums me out, we had high hopes. On to bigger and better things, once we find them!

Besides job hunting, we haven't been up to much else at home, really, since we are trying to save every penny that we find. So what do our days consist of?? Taylor's been finger-painting, and I have been doing lots of crafts - mostly making cards, and watching Seasons 1-3 of The Office over and over and over again. Speaking of The Office, can I just tell everyone how much I adore that show?! I love it, love it, and can't wait for the strike to end and a deal to be made so it can come back on TV, because I really don't like reality TV or game shows, at all.

I did get to go and have some fun on Saturday with my family at Big Al's in Vancouver, Washington (www.ilovebigals.com, not to be confused with www.ilovebiggals.com, this is a very different thing, and not at all what I am recommending you go and visit, although different strokes for different folks, my mom always says). It's the coolest bowling alley ever, and I hear there will be one near us soon, so that's the best news I have heard in a good long while. Well, a few things about this outing... I learned that I love Hefeweizen with lemon in it. I also learned that my family is good at bowling. Along with that lesson, I learned that either a.) I am adopted, or b.) I just didn't receive the "good bowling gene." Either way, my cousins, Gram and Aunt spanked me. I also learned that bowling shoes run big... a size 8-1/2 was huge on me. I should use that as my excuse for my lack of awesomeness on the 'ol bowling lanes. Here is a picture of me and 2 of my most favorite girls, Jenn and Amanda. Please ignore the picture of me. Thank you so much, Aunt Michelle, for providing all the fun, drinks (chocolate martinis are my new fave), food, laughs and everything! You are the very greatest.

Me, Amanda & Jenn looking rad