in need of help!!

Some of you know this, others perhaps not, but I am really getting in to making greeting cards and other sorts of stationery and paper goods, and also hoping to broaden my scope of craft projects as I gain more experience and once people show interest.

Anyway... I have been having a lot of fun and wanted to start selling some of my cards and crafts on this great website, www.etsy.com, a site full of handmade goods from jewelry to cards to purses and much more. In order to get things started right, I want to come up with a fun name for my 'studio' or whatever you really want to call it, but something that really sums up me and my style. The only thing that is coming to mind in my head is an orange slice. I can't think of a name or anything, and I am not even sold on the whole orange idea, it was just a starting point. HELP ME!! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, either make a comment or email me at shauna14@gmail.com, or call me if you want!!

Are you thinking, 'Why is she making us think of this stuff for her, isn't her husband awesome and amazing at marketing and advertising?!' and my answer to you is: HE IS BUSY LOOKING FOR A JOB, AND I DON'T WANT TO DISTRACT HIM!! (Imagine that being politely said, as it looks mean when I type in all caps.)

Pretend this is a picture of me, being stressed out

Thanks and I can't wait to hear what you guys think!!

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Sara said...

I've got my thinking cap on! Glad to hear you thought of doing this, I thought the same thing as I agonized over who was eligible to receive one in the mail! We can brainstorm this weekend!