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Happy 2008 to all my family and friends!!

I hope that the new year is treating everyone wonderfully. Not much is going on here at the Rogers' house. We heard from Yahoo! and found out that they decided to hire internally, but if they were going to hire someone from outside the company, Trask would have had the job. Always nice to know, but doesn't really help. So now I am officially boycotting the Yahoo! search engine. (I will have to find somewhere else to do my fantasy baseball-- but I have a bit to figure it out.) I have always liked Google better anyhow. (Oh, how my alliances and allegiances quickly change...).

Anyhow, we're not giving up, so the job hunts continue. I am going to try and find a retail job close by to get some bills paid, working evenings so Trask can still job-hunt during the day, but will be around to watch Taylor while I work in the evenings or on the weekends. We'll see what happens - I am not sure how ready I am to work with the general public again, or how ready they are to deal with me. I have stories that could scare your children, and even your children's children. Yes, they are that terrifying. I had worked in retail for about 7-8 years before I got my first and only office job, so I think that I can deal, or at least I hope I can. I know that there must be something better out there for Trask than Yahoo! and that must be why he didn't get the job, but it still bums me out, we had high hopes. On to bigger and better things, once we find them!

Besides job hunting, we haven't been up to much else at home, really, since we are trying to save every penny that we find. So what do our days consist of?? Taylor's been finger-painting, and I have been doing lots of crafts - mostly making cards, and watching Seasons 1-3 of The Office over and over and over again. Speaking of The Office, can I just tell everyone how much I adore that show?! I love it, love it, and can't wait for the strike to end and a deal to be made so it can come back on TV, because I really don't like reality TV or game shows, at all.

I did get to go and have some fun on Saturday with my family at Big Al's in Vancouver, Washington (www.ilovebigals.com, not to be confused with www.ilovebiggals.com, this is a very different thing, and not at all what I am recommending you go and visit, although different strokes for different folks, my mom always says). It's the coolest bowling alley ever, and I hear there will be one near us soon, so that's the best news I have heard in a good long while. Well, a few things about this outing... I learned that I love Hefeweizen with lemon in it. I also learned that my family is good at bowling. Along with that lesson, I learned that either a.) I am adopted, or b.) I just didn't receive the "good bowling gene." Either way, my cousins, Gram and Aunt spanked me. I also learned that bowling shoes run big... a size 8-1/2 was huge on me. I should use that as my excuse for my lack of awesomeness on the 'ol bowling lanes. Here is a picture of me and 2 of my most favorite girls, Jenn and Amanda. Please ignore the picture of me. Thank you so much, Aunt Michelle, for providing all the fun, drinks (chocolate martinis are my new fave), food, laughs and everything! You are the very greatest.

Me, Amanda & Jenn looking rad

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Aunt Michelle said...

No you were not adopted! You'll catch on to the bowling thing one of these days! (Maybe it was one too many chocolate martinis?) Love the picture of you girls...they could be related to you one of these days!