Quiet Time

TGFT - Thank God for Trask

I love my husband and son with all of my heart and I would do ANYTHING for them. However, this past couple weeks have been hard on me, and being in the house with these 2 crazy boys 24/7 was starting to make me twitch. Trask, being the most amazing person in the world, took Taylor to the Children's Museum today so I could have some much needed, and greatly appreciated QUIET TIME. I am laying on the couch relaxing and having a nice big glass of water, that I don't have to keep up high and out of the munchkin's reach. My house is also clean, and I am showered, with my hair blown dry, make-up on, and dressed. This hasn't happened all at once for awhile. Life is awesome! The dog is even in the other room napping on her dog bed - good girl, Maddie. I hope Trask and Taylor are having a blast playing at the museum. I am sure they'll come home and take naps.

This is a portrait of me doing the dishes - circa 1950

Anyway, Trask had a job interview yesterday that went really well, and we'll know more later this week, but we're crossing our fingers he gets a second interview. This job is about 5 minutes away from us, so that is awesome. We're trying to be really positive about it, but not getting too far ahead of ourselves at the same time.

You'll see that I have posted a new poll on my blog. I am asking everyone to help me out on this one. I can never make up my mind about my hair, so I am looking for ideas, candid opinions, etc to help me find something that looks good. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, whatever, just email me or comment on my blog and let me know. Not a huge deal, I know, but fun to see what everyone thinks. Lord knows that I can't make up my mind on this matter on my own!

Hmmm... I seem to be rambling more than usual. What to type about next?!... I'll think of something. I will go and look at pictures to get some ideas. You'll hear more from me later. I am going to go and enjoy the quiet a little while longer.

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Aunt Michelle said...

Love the picture of you after a hectic day in the kitchen! Glad you got a little time to yourself. You deserve it!