a reminder

Taken the day I told Maddie she was going to be a big sister, to a human child - November 2005

I stumbled across this picture today and it reminded me how much I love our dog, Maddie. She is our first dog together, and a real sweetheart, her only problem, sometimes she loves too much. She's a rat terrier and will be turning 3 on the 30th of March. She used to get way more attention before we had Taylor, but she's adjusting, and she's so good with him. Just wanted to take a quick second and declare a truce with her on-line, in front of the whole Internet, and apologize for my lack of patience and understanding when it comes to her and her overexcited bladder. I forgive you, if you forgive me, Madison.

I better go, this is getting weirder than normal.


So I think I'll highlight some key people in my life slowly throughout this blog, so don't get your panties in a bunch if you're not on here right this second, if you mean something to me, you will be. Feel free to bribe, coax or sway me to be next on the list, I am easily persuaded, especially with food or drinks.

So here's Marie.

I don't even know how to sum her up, but if you have had the privilege of knowing her, count yourself as lucky. She's just the best, so much fun, and we're almost the same person, it seems, but she is the smaller and sportier version of me. She's like the Lotus, I am like the Minivan. There are pros and cons to both. I have known Marie since the 6th grade and it's been a wild and fun ride. What I like best is that I don't have to censor ANY of my thoughts or feelings, and she usually feels the same. We both hate the phone, so that's nice too. And we both love dogs, and Target and fun colors.

To really get to know her, I will give you a snippet of an email I got from her the other day explaining her dream (she has weird dreams just like me). Please note I am not putting everything in, she wrote the email to ME, not YOU, and I only want to share some things, this blog isn't ready or fully-prepared for the whole shebang. I will put her words in green and then you won't be confused, and if you are, perhaps we and our level of sophistication is too much for you, perhaps.

This e-mail is retarded. I just woke up from a dream where I was saving a black baby from ethnic cleansing in a present day civil rights struggle in America. Don't worry it was a happy ending. the bad leader guy got assassinated. also I was a black man. and I think I was denzel washington. oh and it was a movie. it was pretty good. the soundtrack was sorta weak though.

well...I bet you are kind of turned off by my rambling story. [I so wasn't ].

She then remembered more later...

wait...the whole dream was random. the baby I was saving was a doll half the time and real the other half. and I kept accidentally sitting on it. but it survived. and its black grandma got all "praise the lord" emotional at the end. oh and the bad guy wore top hats. real tall ones. I am messed up.

the night after that I had a snippet of a dream about 20 calorie donuts. [I dream of this daily, while awake.]

So, that is my dearest friend, Marie. She lives in Eugene and would be the only reason I would EVER, ever move back down there, but I am really campaigning, praying, wishing that she'll get her pretty self up here, someday. Strange things happen to us, but only while we are together. If something strange happens to one of us when we aren't together, the first thing that comes to my mind is "I wish Marie saw that", or "If only Marie was here" or "Marie would love that" or "Marie will never believe me..." But she always does, she always does. We also use humor in awkward situations, which could also be called serious situations. I just really love her, and you should do. Heck, you all probably already do, but love her more now, after knowing all this, and knowing my love for her!!

[PS: I am so mad I can't take this stupid thing off of quotation block... I have been trying, so we'll all have to deal!].

little update

Hey there, sweet friends and strangers (whom I assume are sweet, and not creepy). I haven't blogged in awhile so I thought I would seize the moment while Taylor is snoring on the couch like an 85-year old geezer. Good thing I love him enough to not throw pillows over his face like I do to his dad.

Not much has been going on, really. I got new hair [as seen in above picture]. I haven't been blonde in a long time, it feels like, and I'm enjoying it. It's fun having it short again, too. Ponytails are always so cute when they're short and spunky.

Besides the hair, which really isn't news since I change my hair so dang much, I will be starting a part-time job this weekend. I got hired at Gymboree
and will work about 4 hours on a Saturday or Sunday each week. Perfect amount of time to get out of the house and let the boys hang out, and perfect for a little bit of spending money, and oh yeah, the discount. I figured it is safer for me to work where they only sell children's clothes and not adult clothes, too, otherwise there would be no money to bring home! I am looking forward to being there and start on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Well, that's it for now. More later, as things get more exciting and I have a bit more time!!

Thanks for reading.


sunday afternoon

This weekend has been a yucky one, yes it has been. Taylor got sick starting Wednesday night or early Thursday morning with the works: fever, snotty nose, horrible cough, barfing chunks -- you know, all the fun stuff. So, needless to say, Trask and I didn't get much sleep at all Friday night - we're talking 3 hours total sleep throughout the night. It was kind of like having a newborn again!! We took Taylor to Immediate Care on Saturday morning because he was screaming every time we laid him down, like his ears were bothering him, but he checked out fine, just a real swollen, red throat and glands, but everything is viral, so that means we get to 'wait it out.' I hate hearing that. Last night Taylor slept much better. He was in our bed because he threw up all over his room, but he was soundly sleeping in our room, so that was a blessing to get any sleep at all, until BAM -- I get to spend 2 hours with an upset stomach, chills, fever, shakes and much much more. So that puts us today in the position of being homebodies, hanging out in our pajamas and me drinking Gatorade without throwing it up. I sure hope life is better tomorrow when Trask goes to work and leaves the sickies, me and Taylor, behind in the germ-house.

On a happy note, I got a chance to take some pictures of the tulips that Trask brought home for me. Aren't they so pretty? Tulips are some of my very favorite! Thank you, Trask, they're perfect, and I love you. Heck, I love all of you.


puppy, as promised

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet, sweet friends. I hope everyone is having a delightful day doing whatever puts a smile on your face!

As promised, I am putting up pictures of sweet Charlie, my new furry nephew I saw yesterday. I apologize for the lack of quality in the pictures, he is a fuzz ball on the move, and I need a new camera (hint, hint, hint!). Where's a sugar daddy when you need one!?

Enjoy looking at the cute-ness.


just checking in

Well, so far, so good - this week has started off great. Trask started his new job yesterday and really likes it, so that makes me really happy. Now it's back to me and Taylor flying solo during the days, from about 6:45 AM to about 5:45 PM, but we're having fun.

Valentine's Day is on Thursday and ours is going to be extra exciting, just kidding... I have an interview at Gymboree right next to our place, where I am hoping to pick up just a few weekend hours. So my interview is at 7 PM, right smack dab in the middle of what would otherwise be a totally calm and romantic dinner with Trask, oh yeah, and Taylor, the one in the house whose table-manners resemble a caveman's. He must have learned that from me. That's not something I am proud of, and we'll have to refine him further in the future to guarantee he can get a respectable prom date and such.

Anyway, not too much is going on (other than me checking our bank account online every other minute to see if our federal return has been deposited yet, I can't wait!!). I just wanted to give a little update on my glamorous life. My day today consists of the Children's Museum, solo. Wish us luck! I am sure it'll be great fun.

I am just going to include this picture of Oceanside for your viewing pleasure. Oceanside is one of my most favorite places on Earth, and lucky for us, it's just about an hour or so from us. I need to look at pictures like this when the weather has been gray for weeks now and I am beginning to forget that the sky really is blue. I hate the winter, I absolutely hate it, it's no good.

Oh, and come back soon, I will be visiting my new furry nephew tomorrow and will take pictures. For clarification, Summer and her family got a puppy, Charlie, an 8-week old Shetland Sheepdog... so I can't wait to get my newborn fix taken care of (doesn't matter if it's human or dog, I love 'em both!). Nothing like a bribe of puppy pictures to make you guys come back to my blog!! It'll be worth it, I can almost promise it.


Congratulations, Trask!!

Congratulations are definitely in order for my sweet thing of a husband, Trask. He just got a job offer with Rubicon Marketing Group in Portland, as an Account Manager! This is awesome news, in case you aren't very skilled at determining if something is exciting or not... THIS IS! So YAY to Trask!! Now we can have money again, and Taylor and I can go back to our trouble-making ways Monday-Friday, 8-5. We can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

Seriously, Congratulations, Trask. Knock 'em dead!

lemon drop studio's blog

Hi Friends.

lemon drop studio now has it's own blog, so I can go back to being my creepy self on this one, without having to talk business.

The blog is: http://www.lemondropstudio.blogspot.com

I will also put a link to the blog on the sidebar for easy access.

Awkwardly long and lingering hugs,



I am going to post a few more cards and let y'all know that I am going to create a blog specifically for lemon drop studio in the next couple days, or weeks, depending on how long it takes me. Thank you to those who have encouraged and supported me, given advice, and laughed at my jokes. You make me smile.

Now, for the cards...

A hand stamped 'i love you' card with flower embellishments on green and pink paper.

A pink card with pink and blue accent paper, reading 'miracle'. Perfect for a shower card, or any sort of miracle. (Example: one could and should present this card to me if I made dinner, because that would be a miracle).

Another pink card, with pink flowered accent paper, reading 'joy.' You know, as in it's a joy to know you, etc... but really, I would use this to welcome a new baby girl, human or puppy.

Another baby-themed card, reading 'precious' underneath a hand stamped baby carriage. Card is green and white checked and mounted on brown. Nice neutral colors for a boy or a girl.

This fun card is green with white polka dots with a cute, yet trendy and sophisticated pregnant lady on the side made of paper. Her hat has a little gemstone, and look at that handbag. She is obviously not too far along in her pregnancy that she can wear those boots - her feet apparently haven't swelled, yet. I digress... this would be a great card for graduation, Flag Day, or I guess, a pregnancy.

another green card with white polka dots, with 'hope' on the front in white letters, mounted on lavender paper. This card seems serious, so I don't have any jokes to say about this one.

Cute! What a looker this one is. Striped, raised paper accented with yellow ribbon (with white polka dots) and a fun tag affixed on the front reading: 'life-saver (n): one who comes to the rescue during a crisis." Now isn't it time you thank the lifesaver in your life?! Your mom would be pleased by your manners. I would, too.

Black, white and grey argyle card (with some sparkles) with an affixed 'happy birthday' tag. Nice and simple, and card can fit a huge wad of cash inside, or nothing at all, completely up to you.

Another sparkly card, black and silver with an affixed tag on the front reading 'love' hand-stamped in red ink on light blue paper, then mounted on white paper. I would give this to someone you love, or an enemy you are trying to trick.

Have trouble finding the words to say thank you? Try it in French, it's fun! This 'merci' card is fancy way of saying thanks, without sounding boring. The card is on green textured paper with flowers and a bit of sparkle. 'Merci' is hand-stamped in red ink, mounted on light blue accent paper, and then mounted again on red. How fun!

Taking your sophistication up a notch? Say thank you in German with this 'danke' card. Cute, cute card that is green with little light green/yellow polka dots, hand-stamped in brown ink, on pink paper and then mounted again on brown. Flower embellishment adds the perfect amount of sass.

I hope you enjoy looking at the cards as much as I have making them!


a few cards

Here are a few cards that I have done most recently. I'll just post them individually and then put in the caption what they say, if anything, since the camera didn't pick it up as well as I wanted it to. (A new camera is definitely on our wish-list!!). All cards measure 4-1/4" x 5-1/2", are blank inside, and include a white envelope.

This card is blue, with brown & white stripes, and the tag on the front reads: 'little one.' Perfect card to accompany a baby gift or something fun and amazing like that.

This card is pink with colored polka dots, and the stamp reads: 'live, love, laugh' and is stamped in brown ink.

This card is pink with colored polka dots, and the stamp reads: 'Hello' and is stamped in black ink, and is mounted on brown and green paper.

This is a thank you card that reads: 'thank(v): to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgement.' It is mounted on brown & blue paper.

This is a thank you card that reads: 'generous: giving, sharing, charitable, willing, magnanimous.' It is on orange paper with brown and blue striping.

Okay, anyway, that is about enough of that. Just wanted to see what it would be like to post a couple of my cards. I don't want this blog to turn into something that is just about my cards, it has to be about my amazingly fun and brilliant thoughts, my awkward and wonderful life and all that strange stuff that only happens to me, and only I find funny, it seems.

stay tuned...

Hi Sweet Friends and Readers...

I am going to start posting a couple of my cards on the blog and see if they will sell or not... so if you see something you like, let me know. I'll see how this method works and we'll go from there. I can also do custom cards, as well, so if you see a card you like but want to change something (words, color, etc.) feel free to let me know. I can also make sets.

Gotta go, my fingers are still all cramped up from making cards for the past 2 hours.

High fives and hugs all around!


it's been awhile...

Me and the love of my life, sharing secrets and gossip

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks or so since I blogged last. Sorry. I've missed you, too, don't worry, the feeling is very much mutual.

So what's been going on?? Hmmm, let me see. I had my very first card sale, a set of 6 cards purchased by my Grandma. Thank you, Gram, you're the greatest and whomever gets one of your cards is lucky!! I am really excited about making my cards and am getting more and more fun ideas every day. I just made a set for my friend, Sara, as well (thank you, thank you!). So, I guess things are going well so far with lemon drop studio.

I threw Trask a little birthday party last night for our family on Trask's side. It was lots of fun, with too much pizza and too much sugar, but never too much Catch Phrase!! This, if you didn't already know, is my all-time favorite game, ever. Anyone who hasn't played is greatly missing out, and I don't think I want to talk with you until you have played, and have agreed that it's amazing (perhaps signing a statement to that effect), but not as amazing as yours truly. Just kidding, kind of. Anyway, we played Catch Phrase with the family and had a great time - it's the perfect game for when wild toddlers
(ahem, Taylor and McKenna) are around because there's no pieces or board for them to knock over or anything... and the game can be interrupted for diaper changes, bathroom breaks, a quick make-out session with your hottie husband, more ice cream, etc. I really love this game, and appreciate the others in the family (no names mentioned) who are just as competitive and enthusiastic as I am. That's the only way to play.

Trask has had a handful of interviews, and has a few coming up this week, so we're greatful that things are still coming up. I have to remember that the perfect job is out there. It's teaching us great patience, but isn't that what we are learning by having a toddler? A double dose of patience, perhaps.

I am more than excited that Jack Johnson's newest CD 'Sleep Through the Static' is coming out this Tuesday, February 5th. What a dream come true for me.

Anyway, I better head back to playing Mr. Potato Head with the husband and son...

Peace Out!!