I am going to post a few more cards and let y'all know that I am going to create a blog specifically for lemon drop studio in the next couple days, or weeks, depending on how long it takes me. Thank you to those who have encouraged and supported me, given advice, and laughed at my jokes. You make me smile.

Now, for the cards...

A hand stamped 'i love you' card with flower embellishments on green and pink paper.

A pink card with pink and blue accent paper, reading 'miracle'. Perfect for a shower card, or any sort of miracle. (Example: one could and should present this card to me if I made dinner, because that would be a miracle).

Another pink card, with pink flowered accent paper, reading 'joy.' You know, as in it's a joy to know you, etc... but really, I would use this to welcome a new baby girl, human or puppy.

Another baby-themed card, reading 'precious' underneath a hand stamped baby carriage. Card is green and white checked and mounted on brown. Nice neutral colors for a boy or a girl.

This fun card is green with white polka dots with a cute, yet trendy and sophisticated pregnant lady on the side made of paper. Her hat has a little gemstone, and look at that handbag. She is obviously not too far along in her pregnancy that she can wear those boots - her feet apparently haven't swelled, yet. I digress... this would be a great card for graduation, Flag Day, or I guess, a pregnancy.

another green card with white polka dots, with 'hope' on the front in white letters, mounted on lavender paper. This card seems serious, so I don't have any jokes to say about this one.

Cute! What a looker this one is. Striped, raised paper accented with yellow ribbon (with white polka dots) and a fun tag affixed on the front reading: 'life-saver (n): one who comes to the rescue during a crisis." Now isn't it time you thank the lifesaver in your life?! Your mom would be pleased by your manners. I would, too.

Black, white and grey argyle card (with some sparkles) with an affixed 'happy birthday' tag. Nice and simple, and card can fit a huge wad of cash inside, or nothing at all, completely up to you.

Another sparkly card, black and silver with an affixed tag on the front reading 'love' hand-stamped in red ink on light blue paper, then mounted on white paper. I would give this to someone you love, or an enemy you are trying to trick.

Have trouble finding the words to say thank you? Try it in French, it's fun! This 'merci' card is fancy way of saying thanks, without sounding boring. The card is on green textured paper with flowers and a bit of sparkle. 'Merci' is hand-stamped in red ink, mounted on light blue accent paper, and then mounted again on red. How fun!

Taking your sophistication up a notch? Say thank you in German with this 'danke' card. Cute, cute card that is green with little light green/yellow polka dots, hand-stamped in brown ink, on pink paper and then mounted again on brown. Flower embellishment adds the perfect amount of sass.

I hope you enjoy looking at the cards as much as I have making them!

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Aunt Michelle said...

Where do you get these great ideas? I love them and can't wait to start spreading the word! You are amazing, but I already knew that. Keep up the good work.