Congratulations, Trask!!

Congratulations are definitely in order for my sweet thing of a husband, Trask. He just got a job offer with Rubicon Marketing Group in Portland, as an Account Manager! This is awesome news, in case you aren't very skilled at determining if something is exciting or not... THIS IS! So YAY to Trask!! Now we can have money again, and Taylor and I can go back to our trouble-making ways Monday-Friday, 8-5. We can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

Seriously, Congratulations, Trask. Knock 'em dead!


Vanessa Vollum, CFO Rubicon Marketing Group said...

We are really looking forward to having Trask on board at Rubicon! I am sure he will do great!

Jill said...

Congratulations to Trask!!! Give him a hug from me and Byron, as well as a shockingly, uncomfortably wet kiss from Wade!!! Rubicon will soon know what a RAD GUY they hired on, and I'm sure they'll end up firing their President and making him the leader of the whole business! Well...that is, if there is a president...whoever runs the dang Marketing business, anyway... :)

Aunt Michelle said...

Couldn't be more proud of Trask. I know he'll love being back in the working world again and Rubicon sounds like a fantastic place to be! See you in about 2 hours for that celebatory drink!