just checking in

Well, so far, so good - this week has started off great. Trask started his new job yesterday and really likes it, so that makes me really happy. Now it's back to me and Taylor flying solo during the days, from about 6:45 AM to about 5:45 PM, but we're having fun.

Valentine's Day is on Thursday and ours is going to be extra exciting, just kidding... I have an interview at Gymboree right next to our place, where I am hoping to pick up just a few weekend hours. So my interview is at 7 PM, right smack dab in the middle of what would otherwise be a totally calm and romantic dinner with Trask, oh yeah, and Taylor, the one in the house whose table-manners resemble a caveman's. He must have learned that from me. That's not something I am proud of, and we'll have to refine him further in the future to guarantee he can get a respectable prom date and such.

Anyway, not too much is going on (other than me checking our bank account online every other minute to see if our federal return has been deposited yet, I can't wait!!). I just wanted to give a little update on my glamorous life. My day today consists of the Children's Museum, solo. Wish us luck! I am sure it'll be great fun.

I am just going to include this picture of Oceanside for your viewing pleasure. Oceanside is one of my most favorite places on Earth, and lucky for us, it's just about an hour or so from us. I need to look at pictures like this when the weather has been gray for weeks now and I am beginning to forget that the sky really is blue. I hate the winter, I absolutely hate it, it's no good.

Oh, and come back soon, I will be visiting my new furry nephew tomorrow and will take pictures. For clarification, Summer and her family got a puppy, Charlie, an 8-week old Shetland Sheepdog... so I can't wait to get my newborn fix taken care of (doesn't matter if it's human or dog, I love 'em both!). Nothing like a bribe of puppy pictures to make you guys come back to my blog!! It'll be worth it, I can almost promise it.

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