a reminder

Taken the day I told Maddie she was going to be a big sister, to a human child - November 2005

I stumbled across this picture today and it reminded me how much I love our dog, Maddie. She is our first dog together, and a real sweetheart, her only problem, sometimes she loves too much. She's a rat terrier and will be turning 3 on the 30th of March. She used to get way more attention before we had Taylor, but she's adjusting, and she's so good with him. Just wanted to take a quick second and declare a truce with her on-line, in front of the whole Internet, and apologize for my lack of patience and understanding when it comes to her and her overexcited bladder. I forgive you, if you forgive me, Madison.

I better go, this is getting weirder than normal.

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