sunday afternoon

This weekend has been a yucky one, yes it has been. Taylor got sick starting Wednesday night or early Thursday morning with the works: fever, snotty nose, horrible cough, barfing chunks -- you know, all the fun stuff. So, needless to say, Trask and I didn't get much sleep at all Friday night - we're talking 3 hours total sleep throughout the night. It was kind of like having a newborn again!! We took Taylor to Immediate Care on Saturday morning because he was screaming every time we laid him down, like his ears were bothering him, but he checked out fine, just a real swollen, red throat and glands, but everything is viral, so that means we get to 'wait it out.' I hate hearing that. Last night Taylor slept much better. He was in our bed because he threw up all over his room, but he was soundly sleeping in our room, so that was a blessing to get any sleep at all, until BAM -- I get to spend 2 hours with an upset stomach, chills, fever, shakes and much much more. So that puts us today in the position of being homebodies, hanging out in our pajamas and me drinking Gatorade without throwing it up. I sure hope life is better tomorrow when Trask goes to work and leaves the sickies, me and Taylor, behind in the germ-house.

On a happy note, I got a chance to take some pictures of the tulips that Trask brought home for me. Aren't they so pretty? Tulips are some of my very favorite! Thank you, Trask, they're perfect, and I love you. Heck, I love all of you.

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