Monday Afternoon

Hey Sweet, Beautiful Friends,

Taylor is taking his daily nap already... no struggles or fights today! It may just be a good week! I'll take it as a sign of awesome things to come...

I took a few pictures to document my weekend, which was nice and low-key, just as they should be but rarely are.

On Friday I found these stick-on wall decals on clearance at Target and just love 'em so much I could eat them. They came in packages of 24 decals, so I just had to buy 2 packages, and they were cheap. I am talking $12 all together cheap. How lovely is that!? I put them along the plain white boring hall of despair in my home and it jazzed things right up, and Trask even likes it! Phew... because I wasn't going to take them down, they're too much fun!

Also got a lovely surprise from a dear and disturbed friend on Saturday in the mail. Jill is just this amazing person in my life that I am so thankful to know - I met her through her husband Wade when we all worked at the Valley River Mall in 2005 and fell in love with her as soon as she made a fart joke, because I was like 'hey, I like fart jokes, too!'. It was basically destiny. Well, anyway, I miss her and her awesome family like crazy and think of her more often than I should, and we just like to be creepy together... until she took it a step further and actually did what I requested. In my last email I told Jill I missed her so much that she should send me a lock of her hair for me to adore while I stare at her pictures and just have my 'Jill Time.' Well in the mail she totally sent me a little chunk of her gorgeous hair. It smells so good, so Jilly (I am SO kidding, please don't think that I sniff strands of hair, not that her hair wouldn't smell good, but anyway...), she totally shocked me with this tactic. Usually we are all talk, but she did the WALKING part of the talk. Oh that sent my love for her off the chart... and now to get her back... I have a few ideas up my sleeves... Jill, I miss you, and adore the hair. I need to find a delicate porcelain jar to keep it in!

Okay, and let's get back on the 'normal' track. I just gathered up some of my favorite ribbon, stuck them in the Easter dish I bought at Target yesterday marked down to 79 cents (90% off, makes me drool), and decided they needed to be photographed. So here is a select portion of my ribbon, I love ribbon so much... hmmmm, ribbon. I am so easy to please.

So I guess I didn't really talk much about my weekend. Just make up your own story about what I did and that should be fun for you and make me sound much more exciting than I really am.

Have a GREAT day!!



We all know [or are learning] that I have many things that I am fascinated and obsessed with. I got my grimy, greedy hands on a family heirloom this weekend and HAD to take some pictures of it.

This beauty is an old quilt from the Neffendorf side, and it was given to my mom by her Grandmother Neffendorf. My mom doesn't know who made it in the family, so we don't really know how old it is, but the majority of the quilt is done by hand and it is beautiful. I think it goes without saying that Taylor isn't allowed to even look at it the wrong way! Just kidding, it's on the back of the couch and I love looking at it and perhaps will wear it on the Fourth of July. [only kidding, no worries.]

I can't even explain how family items passed down from generation to generation excites me. I know it excites you, too, right?! I thought so.

Taylor really enjoys to pick the canvas off the trunk and since he's cute, he gets away with it, usually.

Oh, and this is my trunk that is in the living room acting as my coffee table. My mom found this beauty at an antique shop in Corvallis with Karlie and saw that it needed love and a home in my home, so she re-did the leather handles for me and the bottom of the trunk, and plugged a sharp hole where a lock used to be so Taylor didn't cut his finger. I am so excited that there is still a paper label on one side with an address written in pencil, and it says Corvallis, Oregon. So exciting! Just wanted to share. I am on the look out for a few more trunks... let me know if you see something that needs a new home. Please.

sweet new baby

Congratulations to our dear friends Noelle and John on the birth of their precious baby girl, Amelia! We can't wait to meet the little sweetheart, and we send our love to the whole Caspar Family - enjoy every single second.

Hugs and Kisses from the Rogers Family.


projects galore!

Wild Spring Break Alert - watch out, my week has been crazy, the kind of spring break you see on MTV, or is it OPB!?!

Okay, so after five days of crafting, playing, organizing, shopping and even more crafting, my mom headed back down to Eugene this evening. She was more than a blessing to have here and we got tons done!! I will take pictures to document our fine work. Too bad I didn't get 'before' pictures of the closets we organized. Oh well, just imagine them as terrifying and repulsive with trolls hiding in the dark corners and strange smells galore. Here are our projects, in no particular order...

First Project: Ruffle Apron

I found an awesome and adorable apron on this blog while googling patterns to make half-aprons. (It's just the cutest blog - so crafty!) As soon as I saw this apron I knew I had to make one, too, with my mom's help, of course. This was a great project for me to assist with and get to know my sewing machine a little bit more. The hardest part was picking out the material and trying to find patterns that compliment one another without being too matchy-matchy. This is what we came up with - we made it a bit shorter because my legs aren't long, so this way I don't look as 'stumpy', I hope!!

Tie it in the front or the back - either way is CUTE!!

Second Project: Taylor's Pillowcases

I made these 3 pillowcases for Taylor's room. There's not too much to explain about them, it's really simple. I just looked at a standard pillowcase and did the same thing with the fabric we bought. Each pillow took about 1 yard of material - super super easy!! I am only taking a picture of the pillowcase that is currently on his pillow... such a tease, I know.

Pretend like his bed is made, please. I swear it usually is.

Third Project: Taylor's Shelf

I got an unfinished shelf with hooks from Jo Ann's so Taylor can hang his hat collection and keep his whistle collection on the shelf above the hooks. Mom brought the stain up with her and the topcoat and hung it, so all I really did was bought the shelf.

There's the shelf in all her glory.

Fourth Project: Bean Bags

I used all the extra fabric from my apron to make bean bags for Taylor to throw around the house since he loves to throw anything and everything he can get his sticky hands on. It was good practice for me, and I love the material so much! I will just keep the pile of bean bags on the antique trunk we use as a coffee table in the living room and let them hang out and do their thing. (They are filled with brown rice, actually, so I guess we can call them rice bags...)

Fifth Project: Chalkboard

My mom made Taylor this chalkboard to draw on using the paint on chalkboard paint. I love this!! It's a great way to keep Taylor happy and it takes up some space on that blank ugly wall. I didn't do anything but tell her where to hang this, but still, it was a project. By the way, I hung this on the wall space under the breakfast bar - so all we have to do is scoot the bar stools over and yippee, there's the chalkboard!

A shameless pitch - but Taylor totally wrote it, or told me to write it, something like that.

Sixth Project: 1st Quilt

I made my very first quilt EVER and it was SO much fun. I hated cutting the squares because I thought I was going to die of old-age before I had the squares all cut, but other than that it was awesome. I used the quilt that our Aunt Ronda made for Taylor when he was born as an example since her quilt turned out too dang cute! This is my precious baby and I can't wait to make another, but I need a good pair of sewing/fabric scissors, that is for sure, because my hand is still aching!! BUT, I did this ALL by myself, so I am really proud. Taylor will cherish it always, because I will tell him to and he will obey me.

So one side is ruffled and fluffy/fringy on the seams and the other side is smooth like a baby's buns.

Seventh Project: Organized Hall Closet & Bedroom Closet
We have zero storage in our apartment, especially because Taylor has a lot of gear and toys, I have a lot of crafts and Trask's clothes are huge because that's what you get when you're 6'7"... clothes take up a lot of space when they're as big as camping tents. (Don't get me started on the size of his shoes...). So here is a picture of our bedroom closet. If it looks dirty to you, just know that it was worse before!! I am not going to take a picture of the hall closet because it'll distract Tay from falling asleep, so just use your imagination on that one, please, if you don't mind.

Did not want to bore you with closet pictures, but just take a moment to appreciate Trask's clothes on hangers with me... ahhhh, that's nice.

Eighth Project: Taylor's Cape

So I have been wanting to buy Taylor a superhero shirt from this place on-line but decided to create my own instead. We made this cape and used velcro tabs so we can stick it on any shirt Taylor fits in at the moment, that way he won't grow out of it quickly. Does this make sense?! We haven't ironed on his logo we created yet, but I'll post a picture of the bare superhero shirt for the sake of showing my projects. And you know what, I think every superhero begins his career being a little freaked out by the cape that follows him everywhere, because that's where Taylor's at right now - why is this silky material always on my back?!

I would get a picture of Taylor wearing it, but no superhero wants to have their picture on-line crying in fear of their cape. I told him there will be a day he'll never want to take this off, and if he never gets there, I am going to wear it to his school.


bone china tea cup

This is my tea cup that I believe has been passed down from my great grandmother to my mom and now it's mine all mine. I love this tea cup, I really do. It's made of bone china and has been hand painted beautifully. It is so delicate and beautiful and it makes me really happy. {I am not delicate at all, so this makes me feel like a lady!} I keep it on the top of my dresser and hang a couple pairs of frequently worn dangle earrings on the rim - it's my attempt at looking shabby chic and rather than just plain shabby. I think I am going to pick apart some antique shops or garage sales in search of one or two more tea cups... despite the fact that I hate tea, but we've already discussed this.

Easter Eggs

We did some Easter egg dying last weekend and I tried a few tricks that I read about in a Real Simple magazines (one of my very favorites!). Before you dye the eggs, wrap a rubber band or two around them and then dip and soak them in the egg dyes. Let the eggs dry and then remove the rubber bands... and this is what you get...

Isn't that fun?!

And I just LOVE egg holders. Is that what you call them? I am not in the know about fancy egg gadgets or anything, but I really really enjoy egg holders (that's what I'll call them). I remember eating soft boiled eggs with my mom from these great white egg holders that were the chicken shaped... I feel a collection coming on and something else to scour the antique shops for. Again. The list is growing and growing.

One last thought - while I was taking pictures of the eggs, I told them to smile. Then I hung my head in shame.


spring break

I am really looking forward to spring break next week because my Mom is coming up to spend some time with us and to work on some projects/crafts with me. We're doing a ton of different things like making pillowcases for Taylor's room, making a 5-foot long wiener dog stuffed pillow/toy (got the idea from a magazine that featured this dog pillow and was charging $136 for it!), hanging a 3'x4' magnetic chalkboard that she made for Taylor with the chalkboard paint, and hanging cork stripping down the hall to feature Taylor's latest and greatest art projects! I can't wait for the fun to start!! We'll also be busy at the Children's Museum, the library, the zoo and lots of walks, and I will have someone other than Taylor to talk to during the day. Mom's visit is perfect timing too because Trask may be on a business trip to Los Angeles the early part of next week so I'll have help! Thank goodness for Moms, they are the BEST! Just wanted to share my spring break plans. I hope everyone else does something fun, too!!

Pillowcase Fabrics:

Taylor chose these fabrics for his pillowcases... I think he did a great job. We're making pillowcases so we can change the look of his bedding without always having to buy new sets, it gets expensive! He has a down comforter that is a brick red on one side and the other side is khaki, so these fabrics will match well. He did want to get this pink fabric with kitties all over it that said 'purrrfect', but I drew the line there. He was over it once he found the puppy fabrics and the kitties were long forgotten, for now. Phew!


things that make me happy

I feel like sharing a couple things from around my home that really make me happy and put a smile on my face. I will start off assuming that most readers who know me know that I love fun colors - they make me happy. So sometimes it's extra exciting when I have a fun item that I enjoy that is also a fun color, it's like double the excitement!!

First is my teapot. It's the color of a Granny Smith apple, one of my favorites. I hate hot drinks like tea, coffee or whatever, but I think this tea kettle is essential in my kitchen because it makes me smile. I love the shape and the color. Isn't it sweet?! And I can make guests a cup of something hot since most normal people like warm drinks, but personally I think they're the worst, most of the time!

Second is the new tin sign that we found at Powell's bookstore this weekend in Beaverton. I love the orange, it adds a fun punch of color to my wall above my boring white kitchen cupboards that drive me batty. Oh, and I do enjoy an orange soda every once in awhile, so that excites me as well.

This one is my VERY FAVORITE!! Trask made this silhouette of Taylor's cute pumpkin-noggin for me and framed it in the neatest frame. I love the robin egg blue, and I love seeing my son's cute little profile with his sweet nose and little man chin. This gift makes me love my husband more than I thought possible! It's on a shelf in my bedroom where my colors are all soft blues, yellows and greens (this is the one room of the house I decided not to do my bright and crazy colors...) and it looks so cute! Thank you, Trask, I love, love, love my surprise!

Well, I suppose this guy is one of my most favorites, too. Taylor is starting to smile for the camera now, and is a complete ham. Where he gets that, I am not sure?! Ha! He's usually only good for a picture or two and then gets mad because he wants to hold the camera... and that's when the fun is over and I go off to the other room and ignore his ridiculous tantrum.



Just a little note to say that I am so happy spring is right around the corner. I am more than ready to say 'goodbye' to nasty, horrible, good for nothin' winter. I thought I would post some pictures of the flowers we saw while playing with Taylor all around downtown Hillsboro this weekend. Seeing color really makes me happy... I love spring oh so much! Go, Spring, Go!!


a note to Trask...

I am more than lucky and blessed to be married to you. I love you!

I seem to be hiking up my dress... this is typical wedding day protocol, I hear.

I bet you were trying to show me the sea turtles I always managed to miss... always. You have wilderness eyes.



So you want to know what my new favorite fun thing to do is?!

I have been chopping up crayons all day into pea-size pieces (taking the paper wrappers off, of course) and mixing the colors to make new crayons.

Here's what I did. I chopped up the crayons and mixed the colors how I wanted them, putting them into my mini-cupcake/muffin tin. I then put them into the 170 degree oven for 20 minutes or until melted. Set them aside to cool and in about an hour you're able to pop them out of the tin, making your own cool crayons that are easier for the little ones to hold, and they look so neat. It's a great solution for when the crayons break or when they get too nubby to color with. I took pictures of some of mine...

Oh, and I got this idea from 'Good Things for Kids' from the editors of Martha Stewart Living... go figure.