bone china tea cup

This is my tea cup that I believe has been passed down from my great grandmother to my mom and now it's mine all mine. I love this tea cup, I really do. It's made of bone china and has been hand painted beautifully. It is so delicate and beautiful and it makes me really happy. {I am not delicate at all, so this makes me feel like a lady!} I keep it on the top of my dresser and hang a couple pairs of frequently worn dangle earrings on the rim - it's my attempt at looking shabby chic and rather than just plain shabby. I think I am going to pick apart some antique shops or garage sales in search of one or two more tea cups... despite the fact that I hate tea, but we've already discussed this.

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Sara said...

beautiful! what a clever idea. Real Simple should hire you, you come up with some many uses for things. :)