Easter Eggs

We did some Easter egg dying last weekend and I tried a few tricks that I read about in a Real Simple magazines (one of my very favorites!). Before you dye the eggs, wrap a rubber band or two around them and then dip and soak them in the egg dyes. Let the eggs dry and then remove the rubber bands... and this is what you get...

Isn't that fun?!

And I just LOVE egg holders. Is that what you call them? I am not in the know about fancy egg gadgets or anything, but I really really enjoy egg holders (that's what I'll call them). I remember eating soft boiled eggs with my mom from these great white egg holders that were the chicken shaped... I feel a collection coming on and something else to scour the antique shops for. Again. The list is growing and growing.

One last thought - while I was taking pictures of the eggs, I told them to smile. Then I hung my head in shame.


Sara said...

Hey Shauna!
Technically I think they are called egg cups. Natasha actually collects them, they sure are fun!
I'm glad you had a good time with your eggs and egg holders. You are so creative!
Love you!

Jill said...

You are adorable! Crafty and still crazy as ever!