We all know [or are learning] that I have many things that I am fascinated and obsessed with. I got my grimy, greedy hands on a family heirloom this weekend and HAD to take some pictures of it.

This beauty is an old quilt from the Neffendorf side, and it was given to my mom by her Grandmother Neffendorf. My mom doesn't know who made it in the family, so we don't really know how old it is, but the majority of the quilt is done by hand and it is beautiful. I think it goes without saying that Taylor isn't allowed to even look at it the wrong way! Just kidding, it's on the back of the couch and I love looking at it and perhaps will wear it on the Fourth of July. [only kidding, no worries.]

I can't even explain how family items passed down from generation to generation excites me. I know it excites you, too, right?! I thought so.

Taylor really enjoys to pick the canvas off the trunk and since he's cute, he gets away with it, usually.

Oh, and this is my trunk that is in the living room acting as my coffee table. My mom found this beauty at an antique shop in Corvallis with Karlie and saw that it needed love and a home in my home, so she re-did the leather handles for me and the bottom of the trunk, and plugged a sharp hole where a lock used to be so Taylor didn't cut his finger. I am so excited that there is still a paper label on one side with an address written in pencil, and it says Corvallis, Oregon. So exciting! Just wanted to share. I am on the look out for a few more trunks... let me know if you see something that needs a new home. Please.

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Vonda said...

I had to giggle when I read this about that quilt. Not because it is a family heirloom but because the vision of you with the quilt wrapped around you and over your head just popped in my small mind. Beautiful quilt and you are so lucky. I just love stuff that is handmade and handed down in the family.