So you want to know what my new favorite fun thing to do is?!

I have been chopping up crayons all day into pea-size pieces (taking the paper wrappers off, of course) and mixing the colors to make new crayons.

Here's what I did. I chopped up the crayons and mixed the colors how I wanted them, putting them into my mini-cupcake/muffin tin. I then put them into the 170 degree oven for 20 minutes or until melted. Set them aside to cool and in about an hour you're able to pop them out of the tin, making your own cool crayons that are easier for the little ones to hold, and they look so neat. It's a great solution for when the crayons break or when they get too nubby to color with. I took pictures of some of mine...

Oh, and I got this idea from 'Good Things for Kids' from the editors of Martha Stewart Living... go figure.


Sara said...

what an awesome idea! you are so creative!

Kristi said...

You crack me up my dear!! :) Great idea, and very cute!!!