Monday Afternoon

Hey Sweet, Beautiful Friends,

Taylor is taking his daily nap already... no struggles or fights today! It may just be a good week! I'll take it as a sign of awesome things to come...

I took a few pictures to document my weekend, which was nice and low-key, just as they should be but rarely are.

On Friday I found these stick-on wall decals on clearance at Target and just love 'em so much I could eat them. They came in packages of 24 decals, so I just had to buy 2 packages, and they were cheap. I am talking $12 all together cheap. How lovely is that!? I put them along the plain white boring hall of despair in my home and it jazzed things right up, and Trask even likes it! Phew... because I wasn't going to take them down, they're too much fun!

Also got a lovely surprise from a dear and disturbed friend on Saturday in the mail. Jill is just this amazing person in my life that I am so thankful to know - I met her through her husband Wade when we all worked at the Valley River Mall in 2005 and fell in love with her as soon as she made a fart joke, because I was like 'hey, I like fart jokes, too!'. It was basically destiny. Well, anyway, I miss her and her awesome family like crazy and think of her more often than I should, and we just like to be creepy together... until she took it a step further and actually did what I requested. In my last email I told Jill I missed her so much that she should send me a lock of her hair for me to adore while I stare at her pictures and just have my 'Jill Time.' Well in the mail she totally sent me a little chunk of her gorgeous hair. It smells so good, so Jilly (I am SO kidding, please don't think that I sniff strands of hair, not that her hair wouldn't smell good, but anyway...), she totally shocked me with this tactic. Usually we are all talk, but she did the WALKING part of the talk. Oh that sent my love for her off the chart... and now to get her back... I have a few ideas up my sleeves... Jill, I miss you, and adore the hair. I need to find a delicate porcelain jar to keep it in!

Okay, and let's get back on the 'normal' track. I just gathered up some of my favorite ribbon, stuck them in the Easter dish I bought at Target yesterday marked down to 79 cents (90% off, makes me drool), and decided they needed to be photographed. So here is a select portion of my ribbon, I love ribbon so much... hmmmm, ribbon. I am so easy to please.

So I guess I didn't really talk much about my weekend. Just make up your own story about what I did and that should be fun for you and make me sound much more exciting than I really am.

Have a GREAT day!!

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Anonymous said...

You're a very strange girl, but I sure do love ya, Dad.