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Wild Spring Break Alert - watch out, my week has been crazy, the kind of spring break you see on MTV, or is it OPB!?!

Okay, so after five days of crafting, playing, organizing, shopping and even more crafting, my mom headed back down to Eugene this evening. She was more than a blessing to have here and we got tons done!! I will take pictures to document our fine work. Too bad I didn't get 'before' pictures of the closets we organized. Oh well, just imagine them as terrifying and repulsive with trolls hiding in the dark corners and strange smells galore. Here are our projects, in no particular order...

First Project: Ruffle Apron

I found an awesome and adorable apron on this blog while googling patterns to make half-aprons. (It's just the cutest blog - so crafty!) As soon as I saw this apron I knew I had to make one, too, with my mom's help, of course. This was a great project for me to assist with and get to know my sewing machine a little bit more. The hardest part was picking out the material and trying to find patterns that compliment one another without being too matchy-matchy. This is what we came up with - we made it a bit shorter because my legs aren't long, so this way I don't look as 'stumpy', I hope!!

Tie it in the front or the back - either way is CUTE!!

Second Project: Taylor's Pillowcases

I made these 3 pillowcases for Taylor's room. There's not too much to explain about them, it's really simple. I just looked at a standard pillowcase and did the same thing with the fabric we bought. Each pillow took about 1 yard of material - super super easy!! I am only taking a picture of the pillowcase that is currently on his pillow... such a tease, I know.

Pretend like his bed is made, please. I swear it usually is.

Third Project: Taylor's Shelf

I got an unfinished shelf with hooks from Jo Ann's so Taylor can hang his hat collection and keep his whistle collection on the shelf above the hooks. Mom brought the stain up with her and the topcoat and hung it, so all I really did was bought the shelf.

There's the shelf in all her glory.

Fourth Project: Bean Bags

I used all the extra fabric from my apron to make bean bags for Taylor to throw around the house since he loves to throw anything and everything he can get his sticky hands on. It was good practice for me, and I love the material so much! I will just keep the pile of bean bags on the antique trunk we use as a coffee table in the living room and let them hang out and do their thing. (They are filled with brown rice, actually, so I guess we can call them rice bags...)

Fifth Project: Chalkboard

My mom made Taylor this chalkboard to draw on using the paint on chalkboard paint. I love this!! It's a great way to keep Taylor happy and it takes up some space on that blank ugly wall. I didn't do anything but tell her where to hang this, but still, it was a project. By the way, I hung this on the wall space under the breakfast bar - so all we have to do is scoot the bar stools over and yippee, there's the chalkboard!

A shameless pitch - but Taylor totally wrote it, or told me to write it, something like that.

Sixth Project: 1st Quilt

I made my very first quilt EVER and it was SO much fun. I hated cutting the squares because I thought I was going to die of old-age before I had the squares all cut, but other than that it was awesome. I used the quilt that our Aunt Ronda made for Taylor when he was born as an example since her quilt turned out too dang cute! This is my precious baby and I can't wait to make another, but I need a good pair of sewing/fabric scissors, that is for sure, because my hand is still aching!! BUT, I did this ALL by myself, so I am really proud. Taylor will cherish it always, because I will tell him to and he will obey me.

So one side is ruffled and fluffy/fringy on the seams and the other side is smooth like a baby's buns.

Seventh Project: Organized Hall Closet & Bedroom Closet
We have zero storage in our apartment, especially because Taylor has a lot of gear and toys, I have a lot of crafts and Trask's clothes are huge because that's what you get when you're 6'7"... clothes take up a lot of space when they're as big as camping tents. (Don't get me started on the size of his shoes...). So here is a picture of our bedroom closet. If it looks dirty to you, just know that it was worse before!! I am not going to take a picture of the hall closet because it'll distract Tay from falling asleep, so just use your imagination on that one, please, if you don't mind.

Did not want to bore you with closet pictures, but just take a moment to appreciate Trask's clothes on hangers with me... ahhhh, that's nice.

Eighth Project: Taylor's Cape

So I have been wanting to buy Taylor a superhero shirt from this place on-line but decided to create my own instead. We made this cape and used velcro tabs so we can stick it on any shirt Taylor fits in at the moment, that way he won't grow out of it quickly. Does this make sense?! We haven't ironed on his logo we created yet, but I'll post a picture of the bare superhero shirt for the sake of showing my projects. And you know what, I think every superhero begins his career being a little freaked out by the cape that follows him everywhere, because that's where Taylor's at right now - why is this silky material always on my back?!

I would get a picture of Taylor wearing it, but no superhero wants to have their picture on-line crying in fear of their cape. I told him there will be a day he'll never want to take this off, and if he never gets there, I am going to wear it to his school.

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Jill said...

You are so rad! I love all of your crafty ideas!!! I love everything you made, but I have to admit, my favorite is the apron! Oh my poops, I adore it!!! I want it, I need it! Now if only I liked to cook! Can you make that happen, too? You seem magical to me... love you tons!