spring break

I am really looking forward to spring break next week because my Mom is coming up to spend some time with us and to work on some projects/crafts with me. We're doing a ton of different things like making pillowcases for Taylor's room, making a 5-foot long wiener dog stuffed pillow/toy (got the idea from a magazine that featured this dog pillow and was charging $136 for it!), hanging a 3'x4' magnetic chalkboard that she made for Taylor with the chalkboard paint, and hanging cork stripping down the hall to feature Taylor's latest and greatest art projects! I can't wait for the fun to start!! We'll also be busy at the Children's Museum, the library, the zoo and lots of walks, and I will have someone other than Taylor to talk to during the day. Mom's visit is perfect timing too because Trask may be on a business trip to Los Angeles the early part of next week so I'll have help! Thank goodness for Moms, they are the BEST! Just wanted to share my spring break plans. I hope everyone else does something fun, too!!

Pillowcase Fabrics:

Taylor chose these fabrics for his pillowcases... I think he did a great job. We're making pillowcases so we can change the look of his bedding without always having to buy new sets, it gets expensive! He has a down comforter that is a brick red on one side and the other side is khaki, so these fabrics will match well. He did want to get this pink fabric with kitties all over it that said 'purrrfect', but I drew the line there. He was over it once he found the puppy fabrics and the kitties were long forgotten, for now. Phew!


Egghead said...

Those are such great fabrics. I think little Taylor is a genius even if he did want pink kitty fabric. I bet grandma would let him have it. I look forward to see what you and your mom create. Craft ideas are such fun. I wish that is all I had to do.

Jill said...

You got your craftiness from your mom! Your spring break sounds like it's going to be so much fun, do you think your mom would mind an extra daughter/grandson duo coming to butt in and be spoiled too? :) he he just kidding! Love you!