things that make me happy

I feel like sharing a couple things from around my home that really make me happy and put a smile on my face. I will start off assuming that most readers who know me know that I love fun colors - they make me happy. So sometimes it's extra exciting when I have a fun item that I enjoy that is also a fun color, it's like double the excitement!!

First is my teapot. It's the color of a Granny Smith apple, one of my favorites. I hate hot drinks like tea, coffee or whatever, but I think this tea kettle is essential in my kitchen because it makes me smile. I love the shape and the color. Isn't it sweet?! And I can make guests a cup of something hot since most normal people like warm drinks, but personally I think they're the worst, most of the time!

Second is the new tin sign that we found at Powell's bookstore this weekend in Beaverton. I love the orange, it adds a fun punch of color to my wall above my boring white kitchen cupboards that drive me batty. Oh, and I do enjoy an orange soda every once in awhile, so that excites me as well.

This one is my VERY FAVORITE!! Trask made this silhouette of Taylor's cute pumpkin-noggin for me and framed it in the neatest frame. I love the robin egg blue, and I love seeing my son's cute little profile with his sweet nose and little man chin. This gift makes me love my husband more than I thought possible! It's on a shelf in my bedroom where my colors are all soft blues, yellows and greens (this is the one room of the house I decided not to do my bright and crazy colors...) and it looks so cute! Thank you, Trask, I love, love, love my surprise!

Well, I suppose this guy is one of my most favorites, too. Taylor is starting to smile for the camera now, and is a complete ham. Where he gets that, I am not sure?! Ha! He's usually only good for a picture or two and then gets mad because he wants to hold the camera... and that's when the fun is over and I go off to the other room and ignore his ridiculous tantrum.


Jill said...

I LOOOOVE the silhouette picture! How clever and crafty is Trask??? What a cool idea! And it's perfect in that frame! I love you and your colors, it just fits your happy personality! :)

Vonda said...

Hi Shauna,

I am Jill's mom and I told her I needed to slink on over here and admit to you that I stalk your pages because I copied your crayon idea with my granddaughter. Cool and fun project for us to do and they turned out so cute BUT I learned that the deeper molds are the best because they will break. I love your cards as well and look forward to seeing more of your ideas.

PS...Taylor is a doll.