a bit tired

How do I know that I am tired? I ran the dryer for an hour without putting the wet clothes IN the dryer. I heard the dryer stop and was ready to fold clothes but then discovered that the clothes were still in the washer waiting for my sweet sweet attention. We're staying in today because it's probably safer that way, for us and for the rest of the world. Just wanted to share.


Katie's Birthday!

We're wishing my sweet cousin Katie down at Western Oregon University a very happy birthday today!! We hope that you enjoy your day and that this year brings you everything you wish for and deserve!! We love you, Katie!!


Happy Birthday, Phil

A very Happy Birthday we are wishing Phil today!! (What is he, 30 now?!) We're so happy you're a part of the family and we're lucky to have ya'. Enjoy your day and let the good times roll!! Looking forward to dinner and family tonight!!

Phil, Gail, McKenna + Taylor: Christmas 2006


a few belated birthday wishes

So I am one day off on my birthday wishes to two specials guys in our lives... so please use your imaginations and pretend that this was posted yesterday, April 24th. Thanks. It's good for you to pretend, remember that.

Happy Birthday to my cousin, Riley!! We love you so much and hope you have an awesome year!!


Happy Birthday to Aaron, our brother-in-law! We are looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow at Coleman's! We love you!

There, and stay tuned, because more birthday posts will be up in a matter of days... and not late this time.


Welcome, Ayden!!

So I heard through the grapevine (or read Vonda's blog) that Ayden Wade is here!! He was born yesterday, April 22, at 2:53 PM. Ayden weighed in at 9 lbs 14 oz (which is exactly what I guessed he would be) and is 22-1/2" long. I have to say, he's so super cute. I will let y'all go to Vonda's blog to see pictures, I'll be down there SOON to get pictures of my own.

My hugs, kisses and loves and best wishes go out to Ayden, his Mommy and Daddy, Big Bro Byro and the rest of the blessed family!!

PSSSST: Jill, you're my HERO!!


good luck + best wishes Koehler Family

Just a quick post to wish Jill a speedy delivery tomorrow morning, if not sooner, when she will be induced at 5 AM to have her precious boy, Ayden. Jill and Wade, we'll be thinking about you guys and will keep your sweet family in our prayers. Byron, you're going to be the coolest big brother ever, and I know that you're going to have more than enough love to give to the little guy!! The Rogers Family ADORES the Koehler Family and we can't wait to love on all of you!!

Hugs, kisses and good luck!!

wanted: a good idea

Why do I look so incredibly nervous?! Well sit down and let me tell you...

Our 3-year wedding anniversary is quickly on its way and I am having the hardest time thinking of what to get for Trask. Normally I am pretty good at gift-giving ideas but for some reason I am drawing blanks. Why did we get married so close to Mother's Day and Father's Day, too?! I have a little something already planned for Father's Day, but not much.

So this is where I need, beg, plead for your help!! Can you guys PLEASE give me some gift ideas for Trask. Feel free to leave your idea/suggestion as a comment or email me at shauna14@gmail.com. It can be store bought, handmade, whatever... I need HELP!! Thank you, thank you in advance!!

Love you all!


love him!!

So every once in awhile I need to declare my love for Trask on the Internet. That's just how it is. It's so romantic. It really is, okay?!

See this sweet man in this picture? He's just the greatest guy ever and somehow I am lucky enough to be married to him. And he chose me. I totally didn't force him, although I was prepared to chain myself to the tires of his old Jetta and beg for a proposal.

We met December 10, 2000. Starting dating December 29, 2000. Got engaged September 20, 2003. Got married May 14, 2005. Had our first child July 22, 2006. I feel pretty dang lucky, and need to remember this on the days that I am so busy and stressed that I can't see straight and end up being my not-so-charming self. [Note: this is not an apology post, I didn't do anything wrong - and even baked mint brownies for Trask to take to work today, I am that nice!!].

I love you, Trask!! Thanks for being a great husband, the best dad ever, my very closest + best friend, and thanks for providing for our family, giving me the chance to stay home with Taylor. And thank you for showing me how wonderful the world really is. [And also thank you for laughing at all my jokes].

Oh my gosh, I am almost weeping. Enough sappiness, it's time to throw some breakfast at the kid. It's only 8 AM and he's been in a time-out already, and he got up at 7:30!! Fridays are always tricky.

Suttle Lake Countdown

You know what I am ready for? Suttle Lake, thank you very much. Only 132 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes and 45 seconds until the camping and fun begin. Still have to figure out who is going to watch Maddie. Any takers?! Just wanted to take a second and share my excitement with the crowd, I mean, readers. I CANNOT WAIT!! And to get you all in the camping mood, here are a few pictures from the 2007 Suttle Lake trip.



Our apartment's patios and decks are getting re-painted this week and let me tell you, it's pretty awkward having strangers on your deck scraping paint chips and looking directly into your windows. What's more awkward? That my son won't leave the sliding glass door. And he won't stop knocking on it. And yelling at the strange men. How long will this last?! I feel the sudden need to get out of the house and go grocery shopping...


my family!

Here are pictures from my cousin Justin's Bon Voyage party that we had on Sunday. Please note that seconds after the last picture was taken (the one of me + Jenn), the camera broke and is now broken. For good. We're that amazing, we've been told. By hundreds of fans. I mean, people.


looking back

I found a few pictures on the computer that made me smile for one reason or another and thought I would throw them up on the blog for kicks. (not throw them up as in barf, but put them up... for those who may be confused, but I trust y'all are pretty smart!!).

Okay, pretty self-explanatory. I love citrus fruit very much, the taste, the smell, how beautiful they look, all that fun stuff. This picture of oranges was taken by my dearest friend, Marie. You've met her before on this blog, remember? Every time I see this picture my heart smiles, and so does my mouth. Oh, and you may have guessed, I am one of those OCD orange-eaters that has to pick and peel all the white stuff off before it goes in my mouth, a very daunting and time consuming task, but so worth it.

Trask's mom got this for Trask to eat while we were in the hospital delivering Taylor. I mean I was delivering Taylor, but you know, Trask was kind of there, too. In case you can't read the packaging, this pepperoni stick is called 'Spicy Big Dad' and therefore that is also Trask's nickname now, one of his many nicknames. Look how proud he looks about the pepperoni. Can you imagine how much Taylor excited him if pepperoni brings him a smile this big?! I love everything about this picture!!

I remember right where I was when I took this picture. I was 38 weeks pregnant and swollen and had a case of the grumpies, so Trask and I went on a slow stroll and parked our buns in the grass by our apartment. Maddie got to run around and I got to sit in the grass and stare at pretty purple flowers. It was about 7 pm in early July and the weather hadn't gotten absurdly hot yet (that was saved for the day I went to the hospital to give birth, in 108* weather, that is such a mean thing to do to a woman who is already retaining more water than the Earth even contains). This picture makes me remember how good I have it now!!

This is a picture of my bowls in my cupboard. I love the colors. That's really all I have to say, except I remember where I got them, too. Target. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be.

Look at this beautiful hibiscus. I took this picture while Trask and I were in Kauai May of 2005 for our wedding/honeymoon. I love the colors, it's so beautiful. I also remember this was the day we were at Poipu and I whined the whole time while swimming because I forgot a hair-tie for my hair. Then Trask fed me and made everything better. I get so cranky when I need food.

This is Sara and I at my wedding reception in Oceanside on June 4, 2005. We've been friends since we were 11. Isn't she sweet?! She's in Seattle and I sure do miss her. I love ya, Sara!


Off to Florida

I adore my cousins more than I could ever try to explain... they are all just the greatest and I love 'em all! On Sunday we're going to a Goodbye Party for my cousin Justin who is moving to Florida to go build boats. It's not going to be the same not having him at family functions, but I know he'll come and visit us all the time because the sunshine, sand and amazing experience will just make him miss us! Right?!

Take a peek at this awesome picture: Ryan, me and Justin on Christmas Eve who knows when... aren't we amazing?! We only got better and that much more amazing with age, although we still act like we're 3 or 4 years old.