love him!!

So every once in awhile I need to declare my love for Trask on the Internet. That's just how it is. It's so romantic. It really is, okay?!

See this sweet man in this picture? He's just the greatest guy ever and somehow I am lucky enough to be married to him. And he chose me. I totally didn't force him, although I was prepared to chain myself to the tires of his old Jetta and beg for a proposal.

We met December 10, 2000. Starting dating December 29, 2000. Got engaged September 20, 2003. Got married May 14, 2005. Had our first child July 22, 2006. I feel pretty dang lucky, and need to remember this on the days that I am so busy and stressed that I can't see straight and end up being my not-so-charming self. [Note: this is not an apology post, I didn't do anything wrong - and even baked mint brownies for Trask to take to work today, I am that nice!!].

I love you, Trask!! Thanks for being a great husband, the best dad ever, my very closest + best friend, and thanks for providing for our family, giving me the chance to stay home with Taylor. And thank you for showing me how wonderful the world really is. [And also thank you for laughing at all my jokes].

Oh my gosh, I am almost weeping. Enough sappiness, it's time to throw some breakfast at the kid. It's only 8 AM and he's been in a time-out already, and he got up at 7:30!! Fridays are always tricky.


Jill said...

You two are too stinkin' adorable! I love you both! Shauna, you're super lucky, and so is Trask!!! Will you make ME some mint brownies? :P Love you both tons!

Anonymous said...

so i read, and i cried, literally tears streaming, an not my normal cry for no reason tears, i mean straight up heartful tears........ i am so proud of the family you have became its hard to put into words, all i can do is give you my love- LOve JEN AND THE MINI-ME (AKA J-DOG)