wanted: a good idea

Why do I look so incredibly nervous?! Well sit down and let me tell you...

Our 3-year wedding anniversary is quickly on its way and I am having the hardest time thinking of what to get for Trask. Normally I am pretty good at gift-giving ideas but for some reason I am drawing blanks. Why did we get married so close to Mother's Day and Father's Day, too?! I have a little something already planned for Father's Day, but not much.

So this is where I need, beg, plead for your help!! Can you guys PLEASE give me some gift ideas for Trask. Feel free to leave your idea/suggestion as a comment or email me at shauna14@gmail.com. It can be store bought, handmade, whatever... I need HELP!! Thank you, thank you in advance!!

Love you all!

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Sara said...

a stuffed animal with blue eyes :)