new hair

Got my hair done last night and it's taking a while to get used to. I think the front may still be a little too long, but we'll see over the weekend how things go. We added in blond and strawberry blond and basically whacked all my hair off. Here are some pictures from last night. I dread posting them because it was the end of the day and I was looking like, well, like it was the end of the day. Oh well.

LOVE YOU ALL. Let me know if you think the front needs to be shortened up or not. My sweet husband would never say one way or another...

Have a great weekend, dearest friends and cyber stalkers.


someone's PREGNANT...

... and it's my dear friend Marie!!

I am just overwhelmed with excitement that one of my sweetest friends in the entire world is going to have a baby! I basically want to scale the side of my apartment, get on the roof and tell the world, or all of Hillsboro. This news is so exciting and I really felt like I needed to share with everyone! And check out this picture... {see above, please}. Are they not going to make a beautiful baby!?

Congratulations Marie + Josh... we love you!!

Friday Update

Hi Sweet Friends. This will be an update of all sorts, so get ready to jump from topic to topic and perhaps get a little confused.

So, weigh-in was today, and boy oh boy did I call it last week when I said I would get too cocky and fall off the wagon. Well, it happened, but not without the feelings of guilt and disappointment. I am up as of today, and it's no surprise. I have been pretty stressed out lately and not my usual self, in a funk, if you will. Hopefully the new hair will fix my funk, we'll see. I am back to journaling my food though and today's been good, so it's a good re-start. Taylor and I even just got back from a walk and now he's sleeping and I wish I was, too.

The past week has been LAME. I don't know what else to call it. Trask, Taylor and I have been sharing the same germs for awhile now and it's been gross. I had no voice from Sunday morning to Wednesday. Trask stayed home yesterday from work and looked like a zombie. Albeit a very handsome and nice zombie. My back went out on Friday last week and it was to the point I couldn't even walk. It's doing okay now, just the usual pains, not the real bad ones. Boy did that make me cranky. Anyway, Trask's car's front fender got knocked all around while he was parked at work this week, too. Thankfully the guy who hit him left a note, a legitimate note, so we're in the process of getting estimates and coordinating with Mr. Car Hitter. Fun. It totally could be worse though, so don't think that we don't know that, or appreciate that it's not worse! So anyway, that's my excuse for the lack of appropriate eating, we just were busy not thinking about making better choices.

Another note, I gave my 2-weeks notice at Gymboree and am sad and happy about it at the same time. I love, love, LOVE everyone who works there and think they are the very best, but it was really hard for me to give up family time on the weekends to go in to work, especially when I end up spending my paychecks on clothes for Taylor. It just wasn't making sense to be there and to be missing family time with my hunks.

A few exciting things happened this week though. I have been getting more card orders, so that thrills me. Also, I found out some big news and want to shout it out to the world, but have to make sure it's okay for me to do that, so hold your horses on that one.

Anyway, how about I write more later after my haircut and hopefully I'll make more sense then. Thanks. Bye. I'll miss you. You hang up first. Oh, no you hang up first. Okay, on the count of three, 1...2...3... hey, you didn't hang up. Okay, sorry, bye.


contest winner

Tomorrow is hair cut + color day and I can't wait! The contest is over and we have a winner... the wonderful and awesome ROSE KEEP! She guessed exactly right! She knows me too well after over 20 years!! I am not telling any of you what her guess happened to be, so stay tuned for pictures of the new 'do coming tomorrow. Rose, you need to email me and let me know what kind of card you want made!!

I am off to go make some cards. I am out of sorts this morning, just had a filling done at the dentist and my brain isn't functioning, so what perfect timing to work on cards, right?! Ha.


etsy shop

Well it's official. I posted my first of many goodies on Etsy tonight - a picture frame that I made this weekend. My Etsy store site is: lemondropstudio.etsy.com. That's something to remember!

Just wanted to share the news that I finally got brave enough to enter the Etsy world as a seller and not just a buyer. I will be adding more items in the next few days as I get things organized.

Love you all!!


week one: weigh-in

5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1

Okay, drum roll please. I weighed in this morning and I am down 2 pounds from last Saturday. There. I did it. Now only about 25 pounds to go. Are you clapping for me? Because I really hope you are.

And now comes the difficult part for me. After a good weigh-in I tend to get a big head and think I can eat whatever I want, and then erase my week's progress by feeding my face a tad too much. So, learning from the past, I am going to keep myself busy and keep journaling and stay focused. Just because I lost 2 pounds does not mean that I am done. If only it were that easy! :)

Okay, now I am off to start a fun day. Taylor and I are going to go to the Children's Museum to make dinosaur buddies. I don't know what this means, but we are excited. He's really been into dinos lately, so perfect timing.

Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday weekend!!



A little contest...

Just wanted to let you all know that I made a hair appointment with Kim for a color and cut next Friday - May 30th.

Any guesses as to what I am doing?! Winner will get something fun. Well, the correct guesser will get a free card from lemon drop studio. I am not joking.

Leave your guesses as a comment (or email me if you have trouble leaving comments) and I will see who is the closest. Contest ends Wednesday, May 28th.

Get your guesses in! Oh, and for once I already know and have a PLAN before I get to the salon, so this is not a trick to get your ideas, but that would be tricky. Let the guessing begin!!

okay. okay! alright!

I have been a neglectful blogger to this sweet little blog of mine, and have been playing favorites to my other two blogs (lemon drop and Taylor)... so sue me. I really hope this isn't how it's going to be when I have multiple children. If it's anything like keeping up three blogs then one child is bound to go hungry, need a bath and oh, have a name. It's tough to keep up three blogs, but here we go, here's my pact with you guys, I'll TRY HARDER. I will.

So it was my 3rd year wedding anniversary where we last left off, and folks, Trask was a good planner this year. I got breakfast in bed in the morning and in the kitchen was a beautiful arrangement of these yellow flowers I have never seen before. They are actually still around now, I love them. In the evening after work, Trask, Taylor + I went to Rogers Park in Forest Grove and had a great picnic. After our picnic we went to the Ice Cream Shoppe in downtown Forest Grove and had a little cold treat and then we headed home. The weather outside was PERFECT and it was so much fun. It's my turn to plan our date next year and I'll have to start thinking now because that was a FUN date, even with our sweet little boy with us. So that's that. On to the next...

My weight loss is going pretty well. I am trying so hard to just weigh myself on Fridays and that is all, so I can let you know more tomorrow after weigh-in. I have been journaling, so that's good. I can't keep pretzels in the house any more - it's like candy to me, so who knows. It's been really gross and rainy lately so it makes getting my exercise kind of hard. I need a rain cover for our baby jogger and then we'd be in business! I'm not worried about getting wet, I am worried about looking like a mean mom dragging my child outside in the rain with me and getting him soaked. So I will fill you guys in more tomorrow, I promise. ROSE!! Did you hear that... I promise. :)

The spending thing is just a lost cause. I don't even want to talk about it. I have fallen victim to the 'etsy' addiction and can't stop shopping on etsy.com. It's the greatest place on earth and it has me wrapped around her little finger, both of them, actually. She's a temptress. I did, however, just create my own etsy shop and will soon be posting goodies in there like my cards, and then I have a few more ideas up my sleeves. It has taken me a long time to get up the courage to post things on etsy, I always felt like my stuff wasn't good enough and I am still scared, but really, it'll be fine, right?! Right!? C'mon, comfort me, I am emotionally fragile these days. COMFORT ME!

So besides my etsy obsession, all the card orders that I have been working on and taking care of my sweet 22 month old baby (HAPPY 22 MONTHS, TAYLOR DANIEL), things have been busy. I do still have time to run to the window every time I hear a car outside our apartment, thinking it'll be a UPS truck to deliver something to me, or that it'll be my neighbor that just had a baby (that I really want to see!). Please note that I don't even KNOW this neighbor, so that adds to the creepiness factor a bit, right?! I just know that they had a baby and I know they are home now and I know that I just need to see a newborn before I get any crazier than I already am. Don't challenge me on this. Just don't. Thanks.

I also apologize for the lack of pictures on the blog post today. I don't have any great ones to post now, so I'll work on that, too. Instead, I'll let you know what I will be doing today...

Today: May 22, 2008

- hour long walk (if not rainy)
- Taylor's hair cut with Kim at 11
- Finish Leah's card order
- Bank
- JoAnn's (just to do a return, for now)
- work on etsy shop
- work on baby shower invites
- post something on Taylor's blog
- laundry
- mop kitchen floor and bathroom floor
- vacuum (and shampoo carpets either tonight or tomorrow)
- figure out what's for dinner
- take books we no longer need to Powell's
- and much, much more...

Well, I did it, I updated this little blog. Now to go back to etsy and look around. Just LOOKING. ;)


** for the lack of pictures of my own, I am putting up a picture of my dream dog ** Oh, and okay, there's a lot of different dream dogs that I have, but this is one of them. Sheesh!


3 years down, billions more to go...

Happy 3 year wedding anniversary, Trask!! We are so incredibly blessed to have one another, and believe it or not, but each day I still find new reasons to love you even more than the day before! I adore you and am so lucky you're mine.



It's been a busy week or so and I am finally just now slowing down, thank goodness! I hope that everyone had an amazing Mother's Day and that you did whatever makes you happiest. I was kindly nudged by a dear friend of over 20 years(!!) that I need to do some updates, so here we go, hold on, it's going to be fun!!

So far the diet is still going well. I have been walking when I get the chance and making sure I am writing down what I am eating. However, I don't think I am down much at all since it's that special time in my life when I am starving and retaining all the water in the world. So I will just stick to my plan and weigh perhaps on Thursday or Friday. I will be walking every day that it is dry this week. It's all drizzly and gross out today, so I am off the hook for once!

The whole no-spending thing is HARD. It sounds so simple, but it's really tricky. I am continuing to TRY and TRY, so that counts for something, right?! How are all of you doing?!

The Artisan Fair at Jenkins Estate on Saturday went GREAT. I had my mom there to help me at my booth and it was so much fun, and I got a lot of great feedback on my cards, which made me feel awesome. I sold over 60 cards, so THANK YOU to everyone who dropped by and made me feel special (Rita, Berdie, Nan, Michelle, Gram, Pat, Summer + family, Trask and Taylor). It was a blast though and was well worth the extra 16 HOURS of work I did on Friday doing last minute cards and preparations! I loved it! And thanks to my mom for putting up with me and my many moods at the art fair!! You're the best.

Hmmm. Mother's Day. We went over to Oceanside to spend the day at the beach, but Taylor had a different agenda. He is getting his 2-year molars and is a BEAR. He didn't want the sand to touch him, and he is NEVER like that. The sand was irking him so much he wouldn't even walk because there was WET SAND ON HIS HANDS and somehow that gets in the way of him WALKING! Anyway, we tried our best on Sunday but it just wasn't what we had in mind, so we took the monster home so he could scream on his own turf. I will post pictures of the beach and of When Elmo Grows Up on his blog soon.

Okay, enough about me. How are you guys doing?!



LOVE Letters

My sweet sis-in-law Summer and I are starting an outreach project, LOVE Letters. Please read more about it at our blog.

We are just starting but are more than excited about this. I believe it's truly what I was put on this Earth to do, that, and just being cool. But really...

Please spread the word. It's a simple way to put a smile on someone's face. Kindness is contagious, let's pass it on!!


In Rememberance

Summer wrote an awesome poem about Dan, her dad, and I wanted to post it, it just feels like it belongs up here, so here it is.


On this day,

As with so many before

I think about you

The memories

Reeling through my mind

Like a film strip playing

Reminding me

Of what was here,

And what is now gone

Yet, through it all

I seem to sense

That God had a purpose

A more divine plan

To lift you up,

Take you home

Adorn you with wings

Crown you with Love

Offering the chance

To be guardian

Keeper of your family

From Heaven to here at home

You watch over us

Speak to us in the dark of night

Gently stroke our babies’ hair

In the quiet eve, when slumber has come

And many unexplained events

Remind me, comfort me

When I wonder where you’ve gone

For the whisper of your

Angel wings

Promise me that you’ve been here

By my side,

Holding my hand, all along.

challenging myself...

Yesterday I found a blog that I really liked, and of course I can't remember it now and I didn't bookmark it, naturally, that would just make too much sense. So anyway, this blog had a challenge on it for the month of April to not buy ANYTHING that wasn't a necessity, for one whole month. If you did have to buy something it had to be borrowed, or used. I am always a bit slow with things and of course I missed the challenge since I only discovered the blog yesterday. So I decided with Trask that we are going to do the challenge on our own for a whole month, from May 6th to June 6th. That means no trips to JoAnn's to get fabric, paper, supplies. That means no going out to eat. It does mean more COOKING for me. Eck. It means no Gymboree shopping before my shift starts. It means packing lunches for the husband. However, Taylor will still be wearing clean diapers!

I really think this will be good for us. It's not like we're big spenders by any means! I am a coupon-cutting sort of gal and all. BUT, we're taking this saving a step further and blogging about it so it keeps us accountable. That means the GOBS of money I'll make from the artisan fair this weekend will go to BILLS and necessities, as it's more than necessary for the bills to be paid and for the debt to go away!!

I'll keep y'all posted. It'll be fun. Anyone want to join us?! Come on, be a good sport! You and your wallet will thank us.

Here we go...

a little ranting

Sweet Internet and Blogging Pals, you will be my therapy this morning, for I am LOSING IT!!

Can I just start by saying that I am officially tired of apartment living?! My patio is still not painted. That means I still have my BBQ, plants, etc by my front door in the breezeway. That also means I have patio chairs in my dining room because they are the kind that can't fold down. It also means I have a huge wagon on top of my washer and dryer. And a cooler in my closet. It also means I am losing my mind.

On top of that I just got a notice from the apartments that they need access to my master bedroom closet all day Thursday AND Friday and that everything needs to be out of the closet. I need to keep Maddie confined somewhere, not in that room, so she'll have to be in Taylor's room. And I'll have to figure out what to do for these 2 days since they'll be here and Taylor likes to 'help' and it's just awkward. Also Trask and mom will be here with my on Friday because I am suppose to be getting ready for the artisan fair and making cards. Ohhhhh, anger!! Oh wait, and how on God's Green Earth am I suppose to clear out my closet?! Where in the heck do I put everything I have crammed in there for TWO DAYS?! Oh how I yearn for a house!! I can't even tell you...

Okay, I am going to go and work on my deep breathing and try to calm myself down.

Thanks for listening, I mean, reading. Wish me luck.


Honoring Dan

I wanted to take some time today and honor Dan Rogers, Trask's dad. Tomorrow will mark 12 years since his passing but he is still in the hearts and minds of so many. I look at this picture and smile because Trask had such a wonderful dad, and that must be why he is such a wonderful husband to me and amazing father to Taylor. We know that Dan is in Heaven watching over us and that brings comfort. I had to post this picture, it's too precious not to share!!

wanted: less of me!

So Taylor will be turning TWO in July. This means that I will lose my excuse for my current weight. Baby weight is no longer a viable excuse or reason after your child turns two!! There are rules about this somewhere, I am sure, and I am breaking the rules. If you know me well enough, you know that I am all about the rules (the ones that make sense to me), and I don't ever want to be a rule-breaker. Not when I am a self-proclaimed nark and tattletale. So, this is what we're going to do (in a Michael Scott voice from The Office)...

I am going to start blogging my weight loss progress so I have y'all to check in with. I am not brave enough to discuss real numbers, so I'll just let you know how much I am up or down for the week, etc. So from where I am at today, I want to lose between 20-30 pounds. I don't care about the actual number at all, just want to look and feel better, oh yeah, and a smaller backside would be nice.

I used to be a weight loss counselor, so I know how to do this, it's just a matter of keeping myself motivated. I lost about 50 pounds before my wedding, so I know that I can lose the weight. I need to lose the weight because when we're ready to have baby #2, I don't want to put more pregnancy weight on this weight, nor do I want to gain as much as I did when I was pregnant with the Taylor Tot, so I can have a safer pregnancy and an easier delivery than the last one. And I can't even tell you how much of a motivator it is for me to lose weight so I can gain it again with another kidlet. Is that strange?!

Anyway, I am following the Weight Watchers plan, something that has worked for many family members, and I have done before, but I am just not going to go to the meetings, as it's just not in the budget right now, nor do I have the time!! Yesterday I went on an hour long walk with Taylor in the baby jogger. He fell asleep 20 minutes into the walk and didn't wake up until we were 10 minutes from home. And he didn't nap at home, so I kind of got cheated out of a nap, but it was worth it to be in the sunshine walking without having a screaming toddler in tote claiming he could walk the whole way on his own. He can't. I have told him this. He wants nothing more than to prove me wrong. I know this will never change, and I am fine with that. Actually, delighted by that.

This isn't anything I want to write about daily, it's boring, so I'll just update this every once in awhile in regards to losing this weight! Oh I can't wait for new clothes though!! Wish me luck!!

Here is my inspiration picture... from Kauai, Hawaii, May 2005. I still have those shorts, couldn't stand getting rid of them, because someday when they aren't in style, I'll fit into them!!

Dad's 50!

We're wishing my Dad a Happy 50th Birthday today and we hope we can see ya' soon! Enjoy your day and we hope it's a fun year.

These pictures are old, but they're what I have, so that works. This is from when Taylor was only 2 weeks old or so. So small and sweet. I am talking about Taylor. ha.



A big YAHOO goes out to The Decker Family, who welcomed their first child into the world on Friday morning, May 2nd at 6:01...a precious boy, little Gabriel Ryman!! The sneaker came 2-1/2 weeks early and Heather, my dear friend of 19 years did an awesome job!! Despite being early, Gabriel weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 inches long.

We wish Heather, Shawn and Gabriel the very best and can't wait to love on the little peanut SOON!

Auntie Shauna, Trask and Best Bud Taylor


Tag. Wait, I'm It?! Okay...

I've been tagged by Sweet Carrie, so being one who loves a good game of tag...I'm it, so here goes. Now that you know this much about me...tell me something about you!

Four Things You Might/Might Not Want To Know About Me!
I am shy. People argue about this and tell me I am not, but believe me, I am.
Touching bruises on fruit makes me squirm, gag and really antsy. Is that weird?
I love antique shops, yet know nothing about antiques. I do know what I like though, does that count for anything?!
I lack a filter between my brain and mouth, and often things come out horribly wrong.

Four jobs I've held:
Hutch's Bike Shop/High Street Bikes/Collin's Bike Shop
Fred Meyer Pharmacy
Healthy Weigh weight loss counselor
Marketing Specialist with LDC Design Group/Parati

Four movies I could watch over and over:
I can't really sit still for a lot of movies, but I like:
any Will Ferrell movie
Little Mermaid
There's Something About Mary

Places I've lived (in order):
Eugene, Oregon
Hillsboro, Oregon

Four TV shows I like:
Mama's Family - been watching that show and the reruns for over 15 years
The Office
That's all I really am excited to watch.

Four favorite foods:
Corned Beef, cabbage and cornbread
Mexican food
a meal I don't have to cook
Ice Cream

Where I would rather be:
In Kauai with my closest friends and family. I would always rather be with family, they are so dear to me.

So now I get to TAG four dear friends, and here I go:




Trask (he won't do it, but it's the thought that counts!!)

And you know what I just realized, not a lot of people I actually KNOW have blogs, just a lot of people that I politely and safely stalk on-line... Get with the program, folks!!