challenging myself...

Yesterday I found a blog that I really liked, and of course I can't remember it now and I didn't bookmark it, naturally, that would just make too much sense. So anyway, this blog had a challenge on it for the month of April to not buy ANYTHING that wasn't a necessity, for one whole month. If you did have to buy something it had to be borrowed, or used. I am always a bit slow with things and of course I missed the challenge since I only discovered the blog yesterday. So I decided with Trask that we are going to do the challenge on our own for a whole month, from May 6th to June 6th. That means no trips to JoAnn's to get fabric, paper, supplies. That means no going out to eat. It does mean more COOKING for me. Eck. It means no Gymboree shopping before my shift starts. It means packing lunches for the husband. However, Taylor will still be wearing clean diapers!

I really think this will be good for us. It's not like we're big spenders by any means! I am a coupon-cutting sort of gal and all. BUT, we're taking this saving a step further and blogging about it so it keeps us accountable. That means the GOBS of money I'll make from the artisan fair this weekend will go to BILLS and necessities, as it's more than necessary for the bills to be paid and for the debt to go away!!

I'll keep y'all posted. It'll be fun. Anyone want to join us?! Come on, be a good sport! You and your wallet will thank us.

Here we go...

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Egghead said...

I think this is a great idea and I think I might know whose blog it may have been. Crunch Chicken did that. Here is the link: http://crunchychicken.blogspot.com/2008/03/buy-nothing-challenge.html

I will be watching to see how hard this is for you. I already know it would be hard for me...I have been trying to 50 years to not buy stuff I don't need.