Friday Update

Hi Sweet Friends. This will be an update of all sorts, so get ready to jump from topic to topic and perhaps get a little confused.

So, weigh-in was today, and boy oh boy did I call it last week when I said I would get too cocky and fall off the wagon. Well, it happened, but not without the feelings of guilt and disappointment. I am up as of today, and it's no surprise. I have been pretty stressed out lately and not my usual self, in a funk, if you will. Hopefully the new hair will fix my funk, we'll see. I am back to journaling my food though and today's been good, so it's a good re-start. Taylor and I even just got back from a walk and now he's sleeping and I wish I was, too.

The past week has been LAME. I don't know what else to call it. Trask, Taylor and I have been sharing the same germs for awhile now and it's been gross. I had no voice from Sunday morning to Wednesday. Trask stayed home yesterday from work and looked like a zombie. Albeit a very handsome and nice zombie. My back went out on Friday last week and it was to the point I couldn't even walk. It's doing okay now, just the usual pains, not the real bad ones. Boy did that make me cranky. Anyway, Trask's car's front fender got knocked all around while he was parked at work this week, too. Thankfully the guy who hit him left a note, a legitimate note, so we're in the process of getting estimates and coordinating with Mr. Car Hitter. Fun. It totally could be worse though, so don't think that we don't know that, or appreciate that it's not worse! So anyway, that's my excuse for the lack of appropriate eating, we just were busy not thinking about making better choices.

Another note, I gave my 2-weeks notice at Gymboree and am sad and happy about it at the same time. I love, love, LOVE everyone who works there and think they are the very best, but it was really hard for me to give up family time on the weekends to go in to work, especially when I end up spending my paychecks on clothes for Taylor. It just wasn't making sense to be there and to be missing family time with my hunks.

A few exciting things happened this week though. I have been getting more card orders, so that thrills me. Also, I found out some big news and want to shout it out to the world, but have to make sure it's okay for me to do that, so hold your horses on that one.

Anyway, how about I write more later after my haircut and hopefully I'll make more sense then. Thanks. Bye. I'll miss you. You hang up first. Oh, no you hang up first. Okay, on the count of three, 1...2...3... hey, you didn't hang up. Okay, sorry, bye.

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Jill said...

you are so stinkin' funny! i LOVE your posts! they just make me so dang happy! I've totally got your back homey--you've had a crappy week and it's understandable that you fell off the wagon! I've had the same issues, but without the stress to blame it on. I just like cupcakes. :) Anyways, Congratulations to your friend Marie, and I'm glad you're going to have more open weekends to come spend with me now (he he) and I'm so happy you're doing so well with your cards lady!