In Rememberance

Summer wrote an awesome poem about Dan, her dad, and I wanted to post it, it just feels like it belongs up here, so here it is.


On this day,

As with so many before

I think about you

The memories

Reeling through my mind

Like a film strip playing

Reminding me

Of what was here,

And what is now gone

Yet, through it all

I seem to sense

That God had a purpose

A more divine plan

To lift you up,

Take you home

Adorn you with wings

Crown you with Love

Offering the chance

To be guardian

Keeper of your family

From Heaven to here at home

You watch over us

Speak to us in the dark of night

Gently stroke our babies’ hair

In the quiet eve, when slumber has come

And many unexplained events

Remind me, comfort me

When I wonder where you’ve gone

For the whisper of your

Angel wings

Promise me that you’ve been here

By my side,

Holding my hand, all along.

1 comment:

Egghead said...

Very pretty. I wish I could write stuff like this.