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I have been a neglectful blogger to this sweet little blog of mine, and have been playing favorites to my other two blogs (lemon drop and Taylor)... so sue me. I really hope this isn't how it's going to be when I have multiple children. If it's anything like keeping up three blogs then one child is bound to go hungry, need a bath and oh, have a name. It's tough to keep up three blogs, but here we go, here's my pact with you guys, I'll TRY HARDER. I will.

So it was my 3rd year wedding anniversary where we last left off, and folks, Trask was a good planner this year. I got breakfast in bed in the morning and in the kitchen was a beautiful arrangement of these yellow flowers I have never seen before. They are actually still around now, I love them. In the evening after work, Trask, Taylor + I went to Rogers Park in Forest Grove and had a great picnic. After our picnic we went to the Ice Cream Shoppe in downtown Forest Grove and had a little cold treat and then we headed home. The weather outside was PERFECT and it was so much fun. It's my turn to plan our date next year and I'll have to start thinking now because that was a FUN date, even with our sweet little boy with us. So that's that. On to the next...

My weight loss is going pretty well. I am trying so hard to just weigh myself on Fridays and that is all, so I can let you know more tomorrow after weigh-in. I have been journaling, so that's good. I can't keep pretzels in the house any more - it's like candy to me, so who knows. It's been really gross and rainy lately so it makes getting my exercise kind of hard. I need a rain cover for our baby jogger and then we'd be in business! I'm not worried about getting wet, I am worried about looking like a mean mom dragging my child outside in the rain with me and getting him soaked. So I will fill you guys in more tomorrow, I promise. ROSE!! Did you hear that... I promise. :)

The spending thing is just a lost cause. I don't even want to talk about it. I have fallen victim to the 'etsy' addiction and can't stop shopping on etsy.com. It's the greatest place on earth and it has me wrapped around her little finger, both of them, actually. She's a temptress. I did, however, just create my own etsy shop and will soon be posting goodies in there like my cards, and then I have a few more ideas up my sleeves. It has taken me a long time to get up the courage to post things on etsy, I always felt like my stuff wasn't good enough and I am still scared, but really, it'll be fine, right?! Right!? C'mon, comfort me, I am emotionally fragile these days. COMFORT ME!

So besides my etsy obsession, all the card orders that I have been working on and taking care of my sweet 22 month old baby (HAPPY 22 MONTHS, TAYLOR DANIEL), things have been busy. I do still have time to run to the window every time I hear a car outside our apartment, thinking it'll be a UPS truck to deliver something to me, or that it'll be my neighbor that just had a baby (that I really want to see!). Please note that I don't even KNOW this neighbor, so that adds to the creepiness factor a bit, right?! I just know that they had a baby and I know they are home now and I know that I just need to see a newborn before I get any crazier than I already am. Don't challenge me on this. Just don't. Thanks.

I also apologize for the lack of pictures on the blog post today. I don't have any great ones to post now, so I'll work on that, too. Instead, I'll let you know what I will be doing today...

Today: May 22, 2008

- hour long walk (if not rainy)
- Taylor's hair cut with Kim at 11
- Finish Leah's card order
- Bank
- JoAnn's (just to do a return, for now)
- work on etsy shop
- work on baby shower invites
- post something on Taylor's blog
- laundry
- mop kitchen floor and bathroom floor
- vacuum (and shampoo carpets either tonight or tomorrow)
- figure out what's for dinner
- take books we no longer need to Powell's
- and much, much more...

Well, I did it, I updated this little blog. Now to go back to etsy and look around. Just LOOKING. ;)


** for the lack of pictures of my own, I am putting up a picture of my dream dog ** Oh, and okay, there's a lot of different dream dogs that I have, but this is one of them. Sheesh!

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Jill said...

Hey Sassy Slacker,

There are rain covers for jogger strollers on Target.com, if you're interested! Someone bought me one when I had Byron, and it's awesome! I also have one that came with my double jogger, and it has been a freakin' life saver!!!!!!! I have managed to go on my long walks for the last 3 days in a row, even though it's been raining! :) You're doing an awesome job though! Oh, and pretzels--the stick kinds--are like candy to me, too...mmm...