Tag. Wait, I'm It?! Okay...

I've been tagged by Sweet Carrie, so being one who loves a good game of tag...I'm it, so here goes. Now that you know this much about me...tell me something about you!

Four Things You Might/Might Not Want To Know About Me!
I am shy. People argue about this and tell me I am not, but believe me, I am.
Touching bruises on fruit makes me squirm, gag and really antsy. Is that weird?
I love antique shops, yet know nothing about antiques. I do know what I like though, does that count for anything?!
I lack a filter between my brain and mouth, and often things come out horribly wrong.

Four jobs I've held:
Hutch's Bike Shop/High Street Bikes/Collin's Bike Shop
Fred Meyer Pharmacy
Healthy Weigh weight loss counselor
Marketing Specialist with LDC Design Group/Parati

Four movies I could watch over and over:
I can't really sit still for a lot of movies, but I like:
any Will Ferrell movie
Little Mermaid
There's Something About Mary

Places I've lived (in order):
Eugene, Oregon
Hillsboro, Oregon

Four TV shows I like:
Mama's Family - been watching that show and the reruns for over 15 years
The Office
That's all I really am excited to watch.

Four favorite foods:
Corned Beef, cabbage and cornbread
Mexican food
a meal I don't have to cook
Ice Cream

Where I would rather be:
In Kauai with my closest friends and family. I would always rather be with family, they are so dear to me.

So now I get to TAG four dear friends, and here I go:




Trask (he won't do it, but it's the thought that counts!!)

And you know what I just realized, not a lot of people I actually KNOW have blogs, just a lot of people that I politely and safely stalk on-line... Get with the program, folks!!

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