It's been a busy week or so and I am finally just now slowing down, thank goodness! I hope that everyone had an amazing Mother's Day and that you did whatever makes you happiest. I was kindly nudged by a dear friend of over 20 years(!!) that I need to do some updates, so here we go, hold on, it's going to be fun!!

So far the diet is still going well. I have been walking when I get the chance and making sure I am writing down what I am eating. However, I don't think I am down much at all since it's that special time in my life when I am starving and retaining all the water in the world. So I will just stick to my plan and weigh perhaps on Thursday or Friday. I will be walking every day that it is dry this week. It's all drizzly and gross out today, so I am off the hook for once!

The whole no-spending thing is HARD. It sounds so simple, but it's really tricky. I am continuing to TRY and TRY, so that counts for something, right?! How are all of you doing?!

The Artisan Fair at Jenkins Estate on Saturday went GREAT. I had my mom there to help me at my booth and it was so much fun, and I got a lot of great feedback on my cards, which made me feel awesome. I sold over 60 cards, so THANK YOU to everyone who dropped by and made me feel special (Rita, Berdie, Nan, Michelle, Gram, Pat, Summer + family, Trask and Taylor). It was a blast though and was well worth the extra 16 HOURS of work I did on Friday doing last minute cards and preparations! I loved it! And thanks to my mom for putting up with me and my many moods at the art fair!! You're the best.

Hmmm. Mother's Day. We went over to Oceanside to spend the day at the beach, but Taylor had a different agenda. He is getting his 2-year molars and is a BEAR. He didn't want the sand to touch him, and he is NEVER like that. The sand was irking him so much he wouldn't even walk because there was WET SAND ON HIS HANDS and somehow that gets in the way of him WALKING! Anyway, we tried our best on Sunday but it just wasn't what we had in mind, so we took the monster home so he could scream on his own turf. I will post pictures of the beach and of When Elmo Grows Up on his blog soon.

Okay, enough about me. How are you guys doing?!



Sara said...

hey Shauna! I've been wondering how the craft fair went, sounds like it was awesome, congrats!!!!
I love you!

Jill said...

congratulations on the craft fair!