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a new blog to love...

I love to read blogs - I mean, I REALLY love reading blogs, and here's one of my favorites that I hope soon becomes a favorite of your's, too.

The blog is A Very Mary Design, and it's just so much fun. And even better for you all - she's doing a GIVEAWAY, so I think you better hop on over there and check it out - make yourself a WINNER! And if YOU win and I don't, YOU have to share. You do.

weekly weigh-in

Well, I am up a pound for the week. It has to be because I am not writing down my food and am just guessing. And it probably has something to do with the peanut butter cookies that Trask and I devoured last night. Rookie mistake - eating cookies the night before a morning weigh-in. Had I put more thought into it, I should have had the cookies tonight, AFTER weigh-in. Oh well. Just gives me something to work on.

There. I said it. I am up. N
ow I am off to hide in the corner and pout, and perhaps throw an extravagant pity-party. Anyone want to join?!

Other than that, just working on the etsy shop. Check for updates and new goodies soon.


busy weekend...

It's Monday and the weekend is over. Laundry is in the washer and dryer and my to-do list is a mile long for the week. We had a fun weekend. On Saturday Trask and I took Taylor in the baby jogger and went jogging - we ran about a mile or so, which I am really proud of, I haven't ran in YEARS, and I have never, ever liked it, nor have I been good at it, but I still probably need to DO it. After that we had a family dinner with Phil, Gail, Summer, Aaron, McKenna and our family to celebrate Gail's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Mom!) It was a nice time to visit and laugh and eat. I brought my own dessert (strawberries, angel food cake and fat free cool whip). I was proud for not caving in when I saw the other desserts. Yahoo. And then yesterday (Sunday) we started our day off with another run, and it was easier than the day before. We then celebrated Rylan's first birthday at Izzy's and watched him dig into his cake and conquer his heap of gifts. It was a great weekend. I had some etsy sales and got a chance to work on more orders, so all in all - a wonderful weekend. Now back to reality.


Giveaway Winner...

... is posted on lemon drop studio's blog. Go check to see if you're the winner!! Are ya?

Congratulations, Jenn!

Jenn had her final today for school and I got to be her subject this morning. I got one eye brow tweezed, one waxed, one arm waxed, a leg treatment, make up application and a facial that made me want to sleep! Jenn is amazing, she truly is. She is beautiful inside and out and just seeing her makes me smile. I am so incredibly lucky that my sweet cousin Ryan is dating her, and that she's sticking around! So... CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATION, JENN! I love, love, love you!

Weekly Weigh-In

Despite having the tummy flu and not having a very healthy appetite this week, or at least not an appetite for the right kind of food, I have remained the same as last week. Well, down 1/2 a pound, so as long as there are no tummy troubles this week, I am looking forward to weighing in next Friday. Oh, and Trask and I are going RUNNING tomorrow morning. I think I'll call it jogging, sounds less intense. It used to be I would only run in two separate situations. 1) if dessert was involved and 2) if I was in danger (or I suppose if I was in danger of missing dessert!!). Anyway, there's that. I did it. And I promise myself not to get cocky and blow my progress this weekend! Scout's honor. Over and out.

giveaway - last chance {lemon drop studio}

Okay Little Lovelies-

Time for everyone who hasn't entered the GIVEAWAY on lemon drop's blog to hop on over there right now and enter for a chance to win a set of 6 cards for free. Come on, we know you want to, all you last minute stragglers.

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The contest ends TODAY at 5:00 PM and I'll announce the winner tonight or by Saturday morning at the very latest! It could be your lucky day!!


Rylan's 1st Birthday!

Today is Rylan's first birthday and we can't even believe time has sped by so fast! We are blessed to have this little guy in our lives (and his Mommy and Daddy, too - Trask's cousin), and we just think the world of this little munchkin. He's goin' places, folks! I remember holding him before he was even a whole day old and just crying tears of joy - what a delight he is to the entire family. Rylan, we love you so much, kiddo, and can't wait for your party on Sunday!

Love, Trask, Shauna and Cousin Taylor

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

{circa 2008}

Today is Jordan's 9th birthday and we all wish we were in Eugene right now to hang out with the birthday boy!

I have known Jordan his whole life, and have known his wonderful family for over 20 years - Hi Jen! Hi Rose! Hi Ron! Hi Jordan! Anyway, Jordan and I go way back, and he used to get all excited to see me. We'd go out to breakfast, play outside, go see movies, and I'd go watch his basketball, baseball and soccer games. (this was before football!).

{circa 2005}

I am confident in saying I used to be a favorite - until Trask came along. Give a little boy access to a sweet guy that happens to love sports, kids and is 6'6-1/2" and can get your ball out of the tree and you've found yourself a new best friend! I wouldn't have it any other way.

We ADORE Jordan more than words could ever express. He's wise beyond his years and has the sweetest heart a little boy could ever, ever have.

Jordan, happy 9th birthday, buddy. We love you so much and hope to see you REALLY soon.

We love you!!
Trask, Shauna and Taylor {note I put Trask's name first for you buddy!}


Well, we had a wild weekend. We dropped Taylor off at Nana's on Friday night and went out on our date, and I got really, really sick. As in 'trying-so-hard-not-to-barf-in-public' sick. Also I was as white as a sheet. No, whiter than a sheet. Mind you I had a tummy bug last weekend and during the week last week, I was not excited to welcome a new tummy bug, but it came anyway. We went home and snuggled on the couch and watched 'Hot Chick', accompanied by my barf bowl. Saturday I felt a tiny bit better, but my stomach was cramped up all day long, but better than on the verge of vomit, so I was okay. We picked up our kidlet and it was so good to see him! {He was a very good boy at Nana's, by the way}.

Anyway, I made Trask open his Father's Day bucket on Saturday, I love to give gifts early. Then we just relaxed as a family the rest of the day. Sunday, Father's Day, I made Trask and Taylor breakfast in bed and we headed on our way to Crown Point and Multnomah Falls. And then Trask got sick. So back home we went and rested more. Trask stayed home yesterday still sick, and we're both still struggling today, but have to get back to our normal routine. Trask is back to work and I am back to the usual! :) Taylor and I will be going on a walk today, as I committed to doing, so I'll update more later.


Well, I made it! I made it through the second night without Trask here with us, and I am so glad it's over with! I can't wait to see my sweetheart, oh I am so excited! By the way, welcome home, Trask!! We missed you TONS!! Taylor is going to be so happy to see his daddy, Tuesday night before bed was the last time he's seen him.

Today is my weigh-in day and I am the same as last week, so I will keep chugging along. Better than up, right? My goal for next week is more activity. Anyone want to buy me the Wii Fit?! Please? I'll be nice to you. Okay, anyway. A big congratulations to Jill, you are keeping me motivated, dearest!! Thank you! If we lived close we could just play tag all day long. What do you think?

Taylor's overnight bag is all packed and ready to go. I have double-checked it at least three times - so I guess you would say I triple-checked it, huh? It makes me sad seeing it packed, but I know that he will have fun with Nana and Pampa and that he'll be so excited to see us in the morning. It'll be hard not to get up at 6 to go and get him. Well, maybe it won't. We'll see.

Trask and I haven't decided what we're going to go do yet. We were going to go to Cinetopia, in Vancouver, but changed our minds because the only two movies playing in the living room theaters are Hulk and that new scary movie, and I am not down with either one of those. We'll most likely stay west side (I sound so gangster, huh?) and get dinner and drinks and then go see a movie. We have only seen one movie in a theater together since Taylor has been born - Talladega Nights. I'd say it's about time for another one. I am so bad at sitting still for movies, even at home, but now that I am tired enough that that shouldn't be a problem!!

So Taylor is napping now, the house is pretty clean (as clean as it's going to get), Trask's Father's Day gift is bought, wrapped and waiting. What else? Rachelle's cards are finished and I mailed them off to her today. I went in and signed my final paperwork at Gymboree and picked up my last baby paycheck. (I did walk to Gymboree with Taylor, so that counts as a walk!! yay!!). Now the only thing left to do is to wait for Trask, and his plane should be landing in 45 minutes!! YAHOO!

About Trask's Father's Day gift, or shall I say bucket... it was SO much fun to put together! I won't divulge what is in it since most of it's wrapped and he won't open it until Sunday and I'm going to try to keep it a surprise, but Taylor and I had so much fun picking things out, and it's funny what sort of things Taylor thinks his daddy needs.

Here is Taylor helping me put the gift bucket (I like the way that sounds!) together. He wasn't too interested in leaving goodies in the bucket, so we had a little power struggle. At least there are no tears for the camera.

Here's the bucket of gifts in all her glory. Yes, this bucket of gifts is a girl. I don't know how I know that, but I just do.

Taylor's hand print from art class on Wednesday makes the perfect tag for the present. I cut it out and put contact paper on it to keep it pretty and tied it up with some raffia around the handle of the bucket. Pretty cute tag, huh?! I made a second tag exactly like it but wrote a note on the back and glued 3 pennies on it, laminated it, and plan on taking it up to the cemetery with us for Taylor's Grandpa Dan. Hopefully the pennies being on there will weigh it down a bit and it won't fly away.

Anyway, I guess I'll go eat lunch and bite my nails while I wait for the wonderful husband to land. Blogging took up about 30 minutes, so now only 20 minutes until his plane lands!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the special guys out there!

xoxo - Shauna


another friend is a-bloggin'

Sara has joined the bandwagon of blogging, so go and check her out. She's just so much fun, and I love her, so you all will love her, too. Her blog site is linked on my left hand side, too, for future reference. Go see her, go on now, get.


I have kind of been on task today. We dropped off the Goodwill donation, got the medical release notarized and stopped by Hillsboro Eye Clinic and got new pieces ordered for his glasses. They are the NICEST people ever, the people who work at Taylor's doctor's office. They are all amazing and I think they are just too wonderful. I will have to send them a little something and a thank you for being so rad. (Jill, I am stealing your word, no other word was fitting, thanks). I did our running around at least, but now we're home, Taylor is napping and I can't seem to focus on cards! Of course that's how it goes when I have the opportunity to! Gah!

Anyway, I tried something different with my hair today. I didn't turn it under when I straightened it, so that was exciting. Maybe not.

Okay, off to try to work on cards!


Most of you guys know that Trask is out of town in San Francisco for work. He left yesterday (Wednesday) and flies home and lands at PDX tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm. {Please let everything be smooth, crossing the fingers for NO DELAYS!!} I can't wait for Trask to be home. Nothing is the same when he's not here, and Taylor and I both miss him so much!

We've been staying busy and last night went okay. Taylor came in to sleep with me at 11 and I let him. He continued to wake up every 1-2 hours to grumble at me. And poke my ribs with his little clammy monkey toes. (He has the exact same feet as my sister - exactly, even the toenails... weird, huh?!) Karlie, did you know that!? Soon he'll develop your sock issues.

So on today's agenda:
* pack Taylor's overnight bag for Nana's (sobbing as I pack it!)
* go get Taylor's glasses fixed (don't ask!)
* go to Goodwill and drop off a huge donation bag (nothing like cleaning and purging while the husband is away and can't make me keep things!)
* work on etsy items
* check mailbox for stimulus check
* Trask's Father's Day present and card made (can you believe I haven't done this!?)
* finish Rachelle's 'thank you' cards
* go get Taylor's medical release form notarized (yes, I am so unbelievably anal, I understand!)

I think that's all that NEEDS to get done, besides a bath for Taylor.

Only 29 hours until Trask is back where he belongs!! Yay!



I just wanted to share a picture from Saturday evening of me and Taylor, my precious loveybuns. I am so blessed to have this baby boy and cherish every single day I get to stay at home with him and learn more about him. Okay, I'll stop here before I start to cry, we don't want to get all mushy this early in the week.

Oh, and do stop by my lemon drop studio blog for a GIVEAWAY contest going on this week only, and tell your friends, and perhaps even your enemies! The more, the merrier!

Awesome Garage Sale!!

I really love a good garage sale. The only problem is, lately there haven't been ANY good ones. That was until Saturday. Mmmmm. It was amazing. Summer told me about this garage sale that was posted on craigslist and so Trask and I figured we'd swing by and see if we could find anything for Taylor. Well, we struck garage sale GOLD!

For $20 we found:

* a gray Nike zip-up hoodie and matching sweats
* a pair of pajamas that aren't skin-tight on Taylor
* a Puma track jacket, matching pants and a matching long-sleeve tee
* brown pair of converse in Taylor's size
* the coolest book EVER, 'Barnyard Boogie' by Jim + Janet Post
* a soft, soft, blue long sleeve with a fire engine on the front
* Nike shorts and a matching Nike baseball tee-shirt
* a handful of Little People and a fun plastic puppy

I would have bought much, much more but we only got $20 cash out of the ATM thinking that we were being too optimistic with that. This garage sale still puts a smile on my face. I am a simple girl.


weekly weigh-in

Hi Guys!

So I know that I weighed and did a post yesterday, but Friday is the 'official' day, so let's be official. I hopped on the scale this morning to a pleasant surprise. For the week, I am down 3-1/2 pounds. This delights me. I was a good girl this week for the most part and it paid off. Now for the struggle - the weekend, and the fear of getting cocky. I will make a few little goals for the weekend that should help keep me on track. If you guys have any other suggestions, please, let me know!!

Goals for the Weekend:
- drink all my water!
- work on cards and a few other goodies.
- snack on strawberries when hungry for sweets, mmmm, or airpopped popcorn - love it.
- go walk with Trask + Taylor.
- not to go overboard on Girls Night Out with Summer tomorrow night!
- to remember that I have not met my goal yet, and that I have at least 20 pounds to go!
- Taylor turns two in 46 days!
- Journal/track all my food over the weekend, too.

There, that's a good enough list.

Last night Jenn and my Aunt Michelle came over and it was so much fun! We had to stop by Ulta to get some supplies but it's always so much more fun when you have fun people to go with. (Not that a screaming toddler isn't exhilarating!). Anyway, after Ulta we came back home and had pizza and diet coke and salad. *Note that I calculated the pizza's points and each slice was only 4 points, and I had allotted myself 12 points for dinner! The pizza was Papa Murphy's Garlic Chicken DeLITE, and those DeLITES are yummy and have so fewer calories, and cheaper!! Win-Win-Win. So after our meal Jenn did my make up application and it looked great. I really should get brave and put the before and after pictures up. We'll see how well behaved you guys are. After the make up was my facial and it was heaven. Heaven. You guys, Jenn Dale is amazing!! We already knew that, but still. Anyway, it was so wonderful to see my favorite ladies!! I can't wait to do it again!

Not sure what today is going to hold. Taylor and I are pretty open. Hmmmm. We'll see.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I will bring the camera on me and Summer's night out to document the chaos.



back on track

It seems as though I am back on track with weight watchers, and I didn't even know it! I weighed today (a day early, I know) and I lost what I re-gained, putting me back where I am suppose to be. Thank goodness. It wasn't hard. It never is. Weight Watchers is the most realistic, reasonable program I have ever done. I guess I feel like I am cheating on most days but I'm totally not. Not like the drastically restrictive program that I was on before my wedding where I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. Man it did feel nice to lost that weight (ahhh, dreaming of being smaller). I am extra motivated now. It's June, I kind of have to be motivated, because after June comes July (really, I know!, amazingly smart, huh?!), and July equals Taylor's birthday, which means I really want to be a tad skinnier by then. I don't need to reach my goal by then, I just need to feel a little smaller. Is that asking so much? It's really not.

Okay, enough, what else?! I am looking forward to the weekend. I am sure everyone is. So that's really nothing new. Oh, I got my first sale from etsy the other day! I don't count it though because it's from a friend who requested a custom order (Hi, Sara!), so I'll count my first sale when a stranger buys something from me. I need to post more on my shop soon. I am staying busy with some custom orders from my lemon drop blog at the moment - and am having a blast.

Well, guess I am out of things to say right now. Shocked? Me, too.


reaching a new low

I never would have thought I would take pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror, but today... I hit a new low. Not sure if I am proud or not. I am not in denial, we know that much. A little ashamed, yes. But, I wanted to document my hair. Lame, yes, I know that, too. Am I going to share some of the pictures? Yes. Only because I like you guys. Or want to punish you. One of the two, for sure. I was worried y'all would think I am full of myself, but then thought, 'Shauna, you have a whole blog ABOUT YOU! Come on!' So I am posting the pictures. Ignore them if you wish, if you can!

Oh, and check out the dirty bathroom. That's what happens when I get sick for a few days - the house falls apart. Today I am slowly putting it back together!

getting excited.


I am really excited for tomorrow evening! My Aunt Michelle and Jenn are coming over after work and school for a BBQ and a little Ulta shopping trip. Jenn is finishing up school to become an esthetician, and I am her final, so we're going to practice before I go in to her school for the 'big day'. I can't believe she is brave enough to see me without make up on. She may get too scared and run away, but at least I'll get to see her for a second or two! I love both of these gals so much and am beyond excited to spend tomorrow evening with them! I will make sure we take pictures!


favorites + some blabbing

I have found a couple new favorites lately and thought that I needed to share them! I am so good at sharing.

The first is this awesome gal on etsy who is just the nicest, and has the coolest goodies in her shops. The shop name is PaperFish and it's just the best. Dart over there and give her some love and money. Or just love, or just stare at her awesome work. I got Taylor's beach bunting for his room from her and have hung it over his closet in his room - and it's too stinkin' cute! I also decided to get a whole bunch of buttons from her and now I just want to put them all on the floor and roll around in them {fully clothed, please keep that in mind!}. Here are some pictures:

About Taylor's room... we're in the process of picking paint colors to paint an accent wall in his room. With Rachelle and Michelle's help offering opinions, I think we have it figured out. I will let it be a surprise though! I also have new curtains to make him (Allison, you are SO helping me with this), a chair to make a slipcover for (ahem, Allison!!), and buy him a big boy dresser. His room is our big project and I hope I can get it done before July. I really, really hope I can! It will drive me crazy if it's not, so there's the motivation, now I just need the money! ha.

Also, I am just LOVING this new purse that I got last night at Kohl's. It was on major sale and wasn't even expensive to begin with, so that means it was right up my alley. I am really in to orange and how fun is this?! Perfect for the Girls Night Summer and I have coming up on Saturday...

About my hair, thank you for all the nice words. I am going to go in this Thursday and have the front shortened a bit, especially with how fast my hair grows. So we'll see when I can get in there. I know you all will be on the edges of your seats in suspense. Just relax.

I didn't totally pig out this weekend, so hopefully I'll continue this the rest of the week and we'll have a somewhat successful weigh-in on Friday. I NEED to get a cover for the jogger. Yes, Jill, I will get it from Target's website and then I won't have an excuse. I think I will thank you for that, as I say this in a pouty, grumbly tone. I wish we were close so we could walk together. Or how about we each walk to Salem and do some walking there. If that didn't make me skinny nothing would! Oh wait, I don't want to really walk around in Salem. Nevermind. :) Sorry Jill!

Okay, sweet ones, I think that's about it. Love you all!! Extra special loves to my pregnant friends - Marie and Rachelle - since you guys are carrying sweet kidlets!

Okay. Bye All.