Awesome Garage Sale!!

I really love a good garage sale. The only problem is, lately there haven't been ANY good ones. That was until Saturday. Mmmmm. It was amazing. Summer told me about this garage sale that was posted on craigslist and so Trask and I figured we'd swing by and see if we could find anything for Taylor. Well, we struck garage sale GOLD!

For $20 we found:

* a gray Nike zip-up hoodie and matching sweats
* a pair of pajamas that aren't skin-tight on Taylor
* a Puma track jacket, matching pants and a matching long-sleeve tee
* brown pair of converse in Taylor's size
* the coolest book EVER, 'Barnyard Boogie' by Jim + Janet Post
* a soft, soft, blue long sleeve with a fire engine on the front
* Nike shorts and a matching Nike baseball tee-shirt
* a handful of Little People and a fun plastic puppy

I would have bought much, much more but we only got $20 cash out of the ATM thinking that we were being too optimistic with that. This garage sale still puts a smile on my face. I am a simple girl.

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twistedcloset said...

Shauna: Thanks for stopping by my blog. It would be great if you featured it on your personal blog (which is very cute).

I too am a garage sale junkie. But we are in the process of moving so instead of collecting things, I am trying to thin out the collection.