back on track

It seems as though I am back on track with weight watchers, and I didn't even know it! I weighed today (a day early, I know) and I lost what I re-gained, putting me back where I am suppose to be. Thank goodness. It wasn't hard. It never is. Weight Watchers is the most realistic, reasonable program I have ever done. I guess I feel like I am cheating on most days but I'm totally not. Not like the drastically restrictive program that I was on before my wedding where I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. Man it did feel nice to lost that weight (ahhh, dreaming of being smaller). I am extra motivated now. It's June, I kind of have to be motivated, because after June comes July (really, I know!, amazingly smart, huh?!), and July equals Taylor's birthday, which means I really want to be a tad skinnier by then. I don't need to reach my goal by then, I just need to feel a little smaller. Is that asking so much? It's really not.

Okay, enough, what else?! I am looking forward to the weekend. I am sure everyone is. So that's really nothing new. Oh, I got my first sale from etsy the other day! I don't count it though because it's from a friend who requested a custom order (Hi, Sara!), so I'll count my first sale when a stranger buys something from me. I need to post more on my shop soon. I am staying busy with some custom orders from my lemon drop blog at the moment - and am having a blast.

Well, guess I am out of things to say right now. Shocked? Me, too.


Michelle said...

nice haircut!

Sara said...

Hi Shauna! I think my card came today but its too rainy so I'm boy-cotting the mailbox. Maybe you could make a card for spring to make it feel welcome and ready to shine it up.