favorites + some blabbing

I have found a couple new favorites lately and thought that I needed to share them! I am so good at sharing.

The first is this awesome gal on etsy who is just the nicest, and has the coolest goodies in her shops. The shop name is PaperFish and it's just the best. Dart over there and give her some love and money. Or just love, or just stare at her awesome work. I got Taylor's beach bunting for his room from her and have hung it over his closet in his room - and it's too stinkin' cute! I also decided to get a whole bunch of buttons from her and now I just want to put them all on the floor and roll around in them {fully clothed, please keep that in mind!}. Here are some pictures:

About Taylor's room... we're in the process of picking paint colors to paint an accent wall in his room. With Rachelle and Michelle's help offering opinions, I think we have it figured out. I will let it be a surprise though! I also have new curtains to make him (Allison, you are SO helping me with this), a chair to make a slipcover for (ahem, Allison!!), and buy him a big boy dresser. His room is our big project and I hope I can get it done before July. I really, really hope I can! It will drive me crazy if it's not, so there's the motivation, now I just need the money! ha.

Also, I am just LOVING this new purse that I got last night at Kohl's. It was on major sale and wasn't even expensive to begin with, so that means it was right up my alley. I am really in to orange and how fun is this?! Perfect for the Girls Night Summer and I have coming up on Saturday...

About my hair, thank you for all the nice words. I am going to go in this Thursday and have the front shortened a bit, especially with how fast my hair grows. So we'll see when I can get in there. I know you all will be on the edges of your seats in suspense. Just relax.

I didn't totally pig out this weekend, so hopefully I'll continue this the rest of the week and we'll have a somewhat successful weigh-in on Friday. I NEED to get a cover for the jogger. Yes, Jill, I will get it from Target's website and then I won't have an excuse. I think I will thank you for that, as I say this in a pouty, grumbly tone. I wish we were close so we could walk together. Or how about we each walk to Salem and do some walking there. If that didn't make me skinny nothing would! Oh wait, I don't want to really walk around in Salem. Nevermind. :) Sorry Jill!

Okay, sweet ones, I think that's about it. Love you all!! Extra special loves to my pregnant friends - Marie and Rachelle - since you guys are carrying sweet kidlets!

Okay. Bye All.

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