I have kind of been on task today. We dropped off the Goodwill donation, got the medical release notarized and stopped by Hillsboro Eye Clinic and got new pieces ordered for his glasses. They are the NICEST people ever, the people who work at Taylor's doctor's office. They are all amazing and I think they are just too wonderful. I will have to send them a little something and a thank you for being so rad. (Jill, I am stealing your word, no other word was fitting, thanks). I did our running around at least, but now we're home, Taylor is napping and I can't seem to focus on cards! Of course that's how it goes when I have the opportunity to! Gah!

Anyway, I tried something different with my hair today. I didn't turn it under when I straightened it, so that was exciting. Maybe not.

Okay, off to try to work on cards!


Jill said...

you were very productive today! go shauna! and your hair looks perfect no matter what you do with it! i like it both ways :)

Sara said...

I think it looks great in this pic, you look like a real sassy and classy lady! thanks for the shout out, it honors me to be on your blog!

Egghead said...

I second Jill. I like your hair both ways. Cute!