reaching a new low

I never would have thought I would take pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror, but today... I hit a new low. Not sure if I am proud or not. I am not in denial, we know that much. A little ashamed, yes. But, I wanted to document my hair. Lame, yes, I know that, too. Am I going to share some of the pictures? Yes. Only because I like you guys. Or want to punish you. One of the two, for sure. I was worried y'all would think I am full of myself, but then thought, 'Shauna, you have a whole blog ABOUT YOU! Come on!' So I am posting the pictures. Ignore them if you wish, if you can!

Oh, and check out the dirty bathroom. That's what happens when I get sick for a few days - the house falls apart. Today I am slowly putting it back together!

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Jill said...

Sometimes I just can't stand how stinkin' adorable you are! But, wait, that's why I love you. Hm. Well, you're cute either way! I love your bathroom mirror photography! You look great!