Most of you guys know that Trask is out of town in San Francisco for work. He left yesterday (Wednesday) and flies home and lands at PDX tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm. {Please let everything be smooth, crossing the fingers for NO DELAYS!!} I can't wait for Trask to be home. Nothing is the same when he's not here, and Taylor and I both miss him so much!

We've been staying busy and last night went okay. Taylor came in to sleep with me at 11 and I let him. He continued to wake up every 1-2 hours to grumble at me. And poke my ribs with his little clammy monkey toes. (He has the exact same feet as my sister - exactly, even the toenails... weird, huh?!) Karlie, did you know that!? Soon he'll develop your sock issues.

So on today's agenda:
* pack Taylor's overnight bag for Nana's (sobbing as I pack it!)
* go get Taylor's glasses fixed (don't ask!)
* go to Goodwill and drop off a huge donation bag (nothing like cleaning and purging while the husband is away and can't make me keep things!)
* work on etsy items
* check mailbox for stimulus check
* Trask's Father's Day present and card made (can you believe I haven't done this!?)
* finish Rachelle's 'thank you' cards
* go get Taylor's medical release form notarized (yes, I am so unbelievably anal, I understand!)

I think that's all that NEEDS to get done, besides a bath for Taylor.

Only 29 hours until Trask is back where he belongs!! Yay!

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