Weekly Weigh-In

Despite having the tummy flu and not having a very healthy appetite this week, or at least not an appetite for the right kind of food, I have remained the same as last week. Well, down 1/2 a pound, so as long as there are no tummy troubles this week, I am looking forward to weighing in next Friday. Oh, and Trask and I are going RUNNING tomorrow morning. I think I'll call it jogging, sounds less intense. It used to be I would only run in two separate situations. 1) if dessert was involved and 2) if I was in danger (or I suppose if I was in danger of missing dessert!!). Anyway, there's that. I did it. And I promise myself not to get cocky and blow my progress this weekend! Scout's honor. Over and out.

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Jill said...

I still only run for dessert, or if I'm in danger of missing dessert. Is that bad?! :) he he you crack me up! I'm proud of you! I HATE running more than anything! Well I hate when I catch someone gold-digging in the car next to me on Main Street even more, but running's a close second. Good job, Shauna!