weekly weigh-in

Well, I am up a pound for the week. It has to be because I am not writing down my food and am just guessing. And it probably has something to do with the peanut butter cookies that Trask and I devoured last night. Rookie mistake - eating cookies the night before a morning weigh-in. Had I put more thought into it, I should have had the cookies tonight, AFTER weigh-in. Oh well. Just gives me something to work on.

There. I said it. I am up. N
ow I am off to hide in the corner and pout, and perhaps throw an extravagant pity-party. Anyone want to join?!

Other than that, just working on the etsy shop. Check for updates and new goodies soon.


Kristi said...

No pity parties allowed!! :) I wish we lived closer so we could walk and talk!! (Of course when my foot isn't rebelling!)

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, I so enjoy seeing your comments on my blog!!


Jill said...

I am totally guilty of the Rookie Mistakes, myself! But my worst time is the weekend Rookie Mistakes, so what I decided was to do the weigh-in's in the middle of the week (Wednesday), that way I can work off the blubber I added over the weekend! Am I clever, or what?? Because I've come to except that the weekend will add at least one pound, guaranteed, so I can work that one pound off by the next weigh-in and pretend it never happened...ahhh, ignorance is bliss! :) Love you, cutie pie!