Well, we had a wild weekend. We dropped Taylor off at Nana's on Friday night and went out on our date, and I got really, really sick. As in 'trying-so-hard-not-to-barf-in-public' sick. Also I was as white as a sheet. No, whiter than a sheet. Mind you I had a tummy bug last weekend and during the week last week, I was not excited to welcome a new tummy bug, but it came anyway. We went home and snuggled on the couch and watched 'Hot Chick', accompanied by my barf bowl. Saturday I felt a tiny bit better, but my stomach was cramped up all day long, but better than on the verge of vomit, so I was okay. We picked up our kidlet and it was so good to see him! {He was a very good boy at Nana's, by the way}.

Anyway, I made Trask open his Father's Day bucket on Saturday, I love to give gifts early. Then we just relaxed as a family the rest of the day. Sunday, Father's Day, I made Trask and Taylor breakfast in bed and we headed on our way to Crown Point and Multnomah Falls. And then Trask got sick. So back home we went and rested more. Trask stayed home yesterday still sick, and we're both still struggling today, but have to get back to our normal routine. Trask is back to work and I am back to the usual! :) Taylor and I will be going on a walk today, as I committed to doing, so I'll update more later.


Jill said...

Oh I love you guys so much! Poor sick family!!! And that orange purse is still as cute as ever! Love you!

Egghead said...

I relate to the pukey illness. Seems like it had made it rounds. Hope you all feel better soon.