here we go...

Okay, so I joined SparkPeople to help me lose the rest of my baby weight in January of this year, and didn't do it for more than a day. Today I got a little message from my hubby's cousin Tami (hi, Tami!) that she's doing SparkPeople and loves it - so, I am giving it a try again, and need all the accountability and encouragement I can get. I am starting it 10 pounds heavier than I was in January, and that's a problem... but not for long. Just wanted to give an update. We'll see how this goes.


love these ladies

I am blessed with 2 awesome, lovely, wonderful and beautiful Aunts in my life and I just love them so, so much! I feel really lucky to have both of them in my life and cherish every minute I get to spend with them. My family is just the best!!

Oh, and I cannot wait for SUTTLE LAKE... the highlight of our summer!!

I love you, Aunt Michelle. I love you, Aunt Janelle!! Thank you for being so wonderful!


on my mind


hafta have it...

F A Bead Letter I Alphabet Block t h


Okay, so I haven't been on the scale in a LONG time, and I haven't paid attention to what I am eating in an even longer time, but I hopped on the scale this morning and am only 2 pounds up from my lowest, so I am back on track and paying attention. Now let's hope I stay on track.

Jill, you HAVE to keep me accountable, and you, too, Kristi! I am making it your jobs. It's not paid though. Well, perhaps. No, it won't be. Sorry. You'll feel rewarded for doing the right thing though. You can't beat that!

Well, off to change a diaper, a really gross one, if you wanted to know. I'll be back later. Miss me, okay?

{Picture courtesy of Amie - thanks, I love a silly and awkward one!!}


missed you all... did you miss me?!

I don't even know where time is going anymore. If you do, please leave a comment and let me know. As you know, I haven't been blogging lately, at all. It's not like I have just been sitting here doing nothing, we've been fairly busy, but I do have time to blog, or at least read other blogs - but when it came to sitting down to type what is going on in my life, I couldn't find any words. So now I am trying.

My sweet baby turned two yesterday. We had a lovely day and I committed my whole day to him and not a single chore. He was a happy guy. We had a picnic at Washington Park with Trask during his lunch, played on the playground and checked out Trask's new office. When Trask came home from work we took Taylor to the Hillsboro Tuesday Market to watch the Dog Parade and to hang out with some family. There were some amazing dogs, but my very favorite of the evening was a 16-week Golden-Doodle... so cute! Now I know what to ask for for my birthday! ha. Taylor was in heaven with all the dogs and the ice cream he got to eat while looking at classic cars. It was a fun day for all of us. I went to bed last night so grateful and thankful for the blessings in my life. Sometimes it's too easy to get caught up in the things that just don't matter.

Sorry I have stunk at blogging lately. I'll work on it. That and about a billion other things that I need to work on. I'll get there, right?!

I do have a wonderful book suggestion to pass on to all my reading friends. I just finished Oregon author, Cathy Lamb's novel, The Last Time I Was Me. I devoured all 406 pages and adored it!! You must, must check her out. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

Anyway, I am off. But, I'll be back, sooner than later.



a sweet niece...

Two years ago, today, our sweet and precious, fun and wild niece, McKenna Reese was born! This girl is full of spunk, love, laughter and the occasional trick and good joke. Her springy blond curls and sky blue eyes are just too sweet, but that's nothing compared to her cute laugh and genuine hugs! Oh we love you, girly girl!!

We love you tons, McKenna, and cannot wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend!!

Love you lots,
Auntie Shauna, Uncle Trasky and Cousin Taylor


a birthday wish

Happy, Happy 26th Birthday to our sweet and lovely friend, Jill! We hope that you had a wonderful day and that it was full of everything that makes you happy.


Shauna, Trask and Taylor



Trask, Taylor and I are participating in the 8th Annual CAT Walk + Fun Run, put on by Tuality Healthcare Foundation tomorrow morning, bright and early. The CAT Walk (Cancer Awareness + Treatment) is to raise money towards cancer awareness and treatment (obviously, due to the name). This is our first year walking, but we are very proud to be a part of this walk. After we walk tomorrow we will watch the parade in downtown Hillsboro, and then go to a family BBQ in the late afternoon. We wish everyone a very HAPPY fourth of July!

If you are interested in helping us fundraise for the CAT Walk, it isn't too late, donations need to be turned in by July 18th, or you can visit http://www.catwalkfunrun.org and donate right there. No donation is ever too small. Please contact me if you have any questions or need further information.

Love you all!!